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My cat is acting very wierd, Help!!!

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I have a female cat who is approximately 9 months old or so. She is a house cat and has recently started to meow really loud, and act as if she wants to go outside. Her meow almost sounds like she is in pain, but I don't think she is. Could she just be in heat and wanting to go out to be with male cats?
I know this sounds silly, but I am really worried. She has even started urinating on items in the house instead of her litter box. She is very litter boxed trained, but now she has just starting peeing on everything.
Any advice or help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
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Your cat is definitely in heat. Why isn't she spayed? Spaying should have been done months ago. Once you get her spayed the yowling and urinating on things will stop, but in the meantime it is imperative that you make sure this kitty does not escape outside, or you are going to have trouble on your hands. It is safe to spay a cat while it is in heat, and you should phone your vet first thing Tuesday morning and make an appointment to have it done ASAP.
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Please don't overlook the fact that peeing out of the box has more than one meaning. It can also mean a medical problem. I would make an appt with your vet and talk about all of the choices. Once you find out for sure, yes I would go ahead and get her spayed. If you are not a breeder, it is healthier all around for her and better on your ears

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Welcome faithfn1! Glad to have you here!

If she's not spayed, my guess would also be that she's in heat.

I know that some vets prefer not to spay when the cat is actually calling becuase the blood vessels in her reproductive system are more full and the risk of bleeding is slightly increased. However, I also know other vets that don't mind spaying a cat when she's in heat - so consult your vet.

Make sure she doesn't go out - this could last a few days and even a week or so.

I can see why you're worried - there's nothing silly about that - some cats act real weird when they're in heat.

Please let us know what the vet says.
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