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Blossom taught herself a new trick

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while I was in the bathroom the other night. The bottom drawer of the vanity was slightly open, & of course she tried to get into it. She kept pawing at the bottom of the draw & cupboard door. The door kept banging each time she pulled at it. Through the night I could hear the door banging as she was having another go at it. The same thing happened next morning. If the door wasn't spring loaded, I'm sure she would have opened it fully & climbed into the cupboard.
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Sounds like you have a smart cat. What a cutie!
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Ugh, both my cats do this so badly that I'm tempted to put child safety things on the cabinets with the cleaning supplies. Neither has ever actually succeeded in getting one of the doors open, but it seems like it's only a matter of time!
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Closed doors are just a puzzle put on earth to keep cats entertained trying to open them, I'm sure of it.

Radar used to be drawn to the cupboard under the sink because we kept plastic bags there and his favourite thing in the whole world is shredding plastic bags.

Obviously we didn't want him doing that, but there are magnets on the doors and we thought that would be fine. Until one day Nate left the cutlery drawer open about 3" and Radar went missing and we found him about half an hour later in the forbidden cupboard peering out from behind the plastic bags looking very smug, having climbed (or I should say squeezed and contorted himself) through the slightly open drawer.

So after that we always made sure the drawer was closed. But then he worked out that he could open the door by lying on his back and pulling the bottom of the door with his paws.

So after that, we put a hair tie around the handles of the cupboards to hold them shut. He chewed through the hair tie in about 2 seconds flat.

So after that, I left a big bag of dry food propped in front of the doors. He somehow managed to push it out of the way.

We finally solved the problem by getting rid of all the plastic shopping bags, and putting the roll of bin liners in a top cupboard. Or so we thought. He can get the bin liners out of the top cupboard too. It's back to square one
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The dumbest thing I ever did was give my cat boxes with treats in them to open... you know, for mental stimuli, right?

yea no, this turned my cats into little terrors that could open just about anything. My oldest cat figured out how to open doors and turn on lights. Cupboards were a favourite. I'd hear the banging every night of the cupboard being opened and banging shut. I finally did put child safety locks on them, but that lasted only a couple weeks. I moved things higher... my cats learned to jump higher. little buggers. Love them dearly, but I wish they were dumber.
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My guy opens the bottom drawers in my bedroom and makes himself comfortable, shifts the sweatpants and makes himself a little spot... I haven't caught him in the act yet, so I can't figure out how he does opens the drawer yet... but I caught him lounging the other day, cutest thing... just sitting in there all cozy... I just have to watch that he doesn't pee in there, he did that once... I didn't appreciate the extra laundry one bit!
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I used to have a cat that would climb into my chest of drawers to sleep. It just about scared me to death the first time she did it, as I couldn't find her all day, and we were moving. I thought the movers had somehow let her escape, so I spent hours calling and looking for her outside. That night I went to sleep thinking I would never see her again. Finally in the middle of the night she pushed the drawer open and came out to visit me, to my great relief.

It turned out that there was a slight gap between the back of each drawer and the back of the wardrobe, where she could squeeze herself in and climb into any drawer she liked. I learned to look for drawers being just slightly open to show that she had gone in there to sleep.
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All your cats are so clever & cute. Does anyone have photos of them doing these things.
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Athena's favorite daytime sleeping place is a kitchen cabinet in which I keep all of my clothes. It's very cute; she prys open the cabinet and slips inside, letting the door close behind her. However, when she leaves the cabinet, I guess she makes a slightly wider excursion from the tip of the door, because the cabinet door usually stays open after she leaves.

At a different apartment, child-safety latches (on the top of the cabinet door) took care of the problem, but this apartment has enough above-counter cabinet space (and I've purchased enough yarn-storage tupperware) that I can just let the cats sleep in the cabinets.
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