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Garfield Update:

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Sorry, no pics yet, been busy.

Garfield is looking great, gaining weight, I am shocked at how quick of a turn around he has made in just less than a full week. Vet gave him a shot of some anti biotic... the terramycin I bought for his eyes did the trick. He is coming along great.

However, some of you may have noticed I asked a "q" in another thread title "how soon can a cat....:

Heres the scoop, my friend, the owner of the momma cat, showed up at my house late last night with the remaining kittens he initially did not want to let me take and save.... he told me that he thought I could not get Garfield well, and that he figured that by holding onto the other two, they would have a better chance at survival even with a respiratory and eye infection compared to their brother who is with me (Garfield). My friend now feels terrible cause the little females have gotten sicker and sicker, while he (Garfield) continues to get better. He (my friend) told me Momma cat is not taking care of the remaing two and he wants me to hand raise them. So, ofcourse I took them in, they should not have to suffer cause of his irresponsibility toward his adult cats... they are just babies after all.

My hubby has fallen in love with one of the females over night, so one of them will stay here with us and her brother. The other we will find a forever home for, one way or the other, with the option to the new owner to bring her back here if she ever needs to be got rid of... at least she will end up back here safe should the need arise. I would like to re-home her at some point in hopes someone will keep and love her forever.

Currently, the girls are set up to see my vet next week, since she could not get them in right away, I can get them till then. The girls are separated from Garfield cause he is better and I dont want him getting this crud all over again. One of the girls is tiny, still very much like a newborn kitten size, the other girl is 2 times the littlest ones size..Garfield being the biggest one of the bunch. There was a forth kitten, however, it died soon after birth.

So, thats my update and new news..... thanks all of you for making me feel welcome here and for giving me the opportunity to seek out the info I need and just share this expereince with you all.
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Bless you for taking care of those babies! Glad to hear the first one is better and hope the girls do as well.
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