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Food and heart Murmur

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Hi this is my first post here, I have been reading for a while and found this forum very useful, thanks everyone! But now I have a question myself, I have read as many post as i could on the subject, so sorry if i have repeated anything.

We have a 13 week old kitten who on his first health check has been diagnosed with a heart murmur. The vet estimates it to be on the scale of 2.5. She said it is absolutely nothing to worry about at the moment as he is in perfect health in every other aspect and that it will be placed on his records and be checked everytime he goes for a vet visit, the next being when he is neutered in 3 months.

She said unless we notice any symptons, panting etc... or it gets worse in the future, she forsee's no problems, but that if it does then the frist step is to perform a heart scan. She also said it is possible it may partially close up which is common in kittens.

So anyway since having found this out we have done as much research as possible, and found there are two main types or heart murmur, his is obviously genetic/ been born with it... therefore is a food high in Taurine beneficial to him ? I am not at all knowledgable on the subject so sorry if this doesn't make sense. We have read that a food high in Taurine helps keep the heart healthy and is especially beneficial in cats who have developed a murmur later in life, but is this still the case for a young kitten who has been born with the murmur?

Thanks for reading my long post I welcome any advice you may have !
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I am not sure. I would ask the vet.
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