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Why won't they leave me alone...

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I'm sick. Very sick. So incredibly sick. I haven't had a cold years and now I'm dying... and fully ok with that.

Well I suppose that's good since that means I'm in stage two of my mom's 'guide to colds'. She always said "first you think you're going to die, then you want to die, and then you get better".

So yeah what I thought was allergies apparently wasn't. It's moving slowly from my head to my chest and now not only can I not breathe through my nose, but my lungs hurt too. And all I want out of life is to curl up on the couch with some nick at nite, my fuzzy blanket, a cup of tea and my box of puffs plus.... but NO. I have animals! Two dogs that are annoying the out of me for breakfast when it is NOT time yet! Animals who keep trying to drink my tea... jump on me... chew my toes under the blanket... why can't they leave their poor sick mom alone... I'd even settle for just five minutes

And theres nothing I can do about it. DH is asleep and doesn't get up for 3 hours. After that he goes to work and I'm here all day with them. Normally that's a great feeling, but not when you're sick and they're in 'happy, hyper, playful mode'.

Ok I'm sorry I'm done... I'll go drink my tea and hug my tissue box now
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OH hunnie, I hope you feel better really soon.
Being that sick is torturous (I handle it worse than most because I'm a big baby).

Lots of ****VIBES**** that you're feeling better VERY soon!!!!!

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Oh no! I hope you feel better very soon!

Can you do a sinus wash? Mix 1/2 teaspoon salt in warm water and use a bult syringe to squirt it up your nose. I works wonders! You don't want the bacteria from your nose going down into your lungs.

I'm sending you get well vibes, and hope the critters give you some peace to rest!
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Aw thanks guys I know its my own darn fault because I've been lax about taking my vitamins recently (lesson learned!) and usually the furkids are so good about these things, but not today! Ugh...

I was going to try a sinus wash when you guys recommended it for allergies... erm I think that was yesterday? But I never got down to the health food store to get that thing.. ok I forget what it's called.. that pot thing... bear with me I can't think

Right so I was going to pick one up today, but yesterday I crawled to the couch about 9am feeling horrible... sort of remember waking up around 5:30pm and at that point I was already coughing things up (yeah gross I know) and then went back to sleep and woke up at like 3am-ish this morning still hacking away.... so I think it's already in my chest. Do you think a sinus wash would still do any good?

Erm hope that all made sense
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It's never too late to do it. The goo can keep spreading and give you ear infections, and make things worse in your lungs (bacterial pnemonia).

Do you have a bulb syringe? The kind used to clear babies' noses? That would work great, you don't need a neti pot. You'll be able to breathe better immediately! Can someone make a quick run to the drug store?

Seriously, the sinus washes have saved my liffe. I get pnemonia if I don't do them, and once I went completely deaf in both ears (I forgot to do it! Dumb!). Took FOUR MONTHS to start hearing half-way normally again.
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Don't have a bulb here (heh, no babies in the house ) but that should be a lot easier to pick up than a neti pot.

Would a saline nose spray work as well? I have been using that to help keep my sinuses moist... its probably not as much water as you'd get from the bulb tho...

I've never tried any of this before so I'm not sure if its the same. If not, I'll head out to the store in a bit and pick something up. (No one can go for me, but luckily its very close by)
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Heres hoping you feel better real soon.
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Oh no! DH just woke up and now he's sniffling too!

This does not bode well... but at least he still has health insurance so if it gets bad he can go to the doc.
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Aww sweetie. Sorry to hear your not feeling well.... Many VIBES that you get well soon!!!
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Sending healing to your whole household.
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i use the one called " regular kit" it works WONDERS. and yup, it can still help even if you have a regular old cold.
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Well heres some good news!

My fever broke a few hours ago and while I'm not 100%, I am SO MUCH better than I was. I'm actually off the couch and moving. Heck, I may just make dinner tonight

The funny thing is I didn't even know I had a fever until it broke and I started dying of heat. I mean I knew I felt bad and was a little cold, but I'm always cold so it didn't occur to me to take my temperature. But man... I mean I'm a little stuffy and whatever still, but compared to before I feel awesome!

Unfortunately DH came home early from work today and I took his temp. He's at 102.4... which makes me realize just how sick I was since mine was probably similar. So he's curled up in bed with Tryon... she never cuddles, but I guess she's trying to make him feel better

Those vibes are miracle workers! A couple of them and all of a sudden I'm ready to dance! (Well ok, I'm not THAT good... but so much better since the fever is gone )
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Aw sweet Tryon Im glad you are feeling better and heres some vibes for your DH, too
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