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Our little boy is growing up. ~sniffle~

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Today, the 25th, is St. John's first birthday! We have no idea what kind of household he was born into -- all we know is that, six weeks later, someone threw him out of a car on the highway. He ended up at the shelter where we volunteer, they asked us to foster him... and we just couldn't let him go.

St. John is my mom's special boy, the one who stays close to her and shares little private jokes with her and pats her face ever so gently every night before settling down to sleep. He can lift her spirits in a heartbeat, no matter what's got her down.

St. John loves everyone, feline and human alike. He's very observant and analytical, always thinking. He has a tiny little mew, still as sweet as when he was a baby. And as you can see... he's just beautiful.

So here's our to-do list for tomorrow:

1. Bake the catnip-laced brownies
2. Hang the balloons and crepe paper
3. Make some little kitty party hats
4. Set up the "Pin the tail on the Dachsund" game
5. Put the soundtrack from "Cats" on the stereo
6. Fill the punchbowl with warm KMR
7. Lay out the sushi buffet

And when it's time to sing Happy Birthday, we'll pull a string and 500 little foam balls will fall from the skylight...
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Happy Birthday St. John!!! What a gorgeous boy!!!!
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Oh my goodness, he has just about the sweetest face I have ever seen. Your mom is very fortunate to have him (and vice versa). He is just gorgeous! Did you take that picture? What a lovey!
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Awwwwww, Happy Birthday to him and what a wonderful story!!!!!!
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He is such a beautiful boy!! Happy birthday to youuuuu
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Happy Birthday St. John! What a gorgeous boy he is!
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Happy Birthday gorgeous boy!!!
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Aww Happy Birthday beautiful St John!
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BIG HAPPY B-DAY ST.JOHN...many happy returns
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Hi there, sweet baby!
I love the "to do" list. Sounds like someone is going to have a wonderful day.
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Happy Birthday beautiful boy!

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Happy Birthday St. John!! He sure is handsome!!
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Happy Birthday to you, St. John!! You're a very handsome young man!!!

Moonlight and Jill!
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St. John thanks you all very much for your good wishes!

As you might have guessed, the To Do list was largely fictitious... but in the course of our actual celebration, I discovered that St. John loves pistachio ice cream! So now we know what to do when he needs a special treat.

Yes'm, I did take that picture, and it's a little blurry due to my unsteady hand. Still... what a sweetheart, hm? Everybody loves St. John, including our other five cats. Even Abby, our feral who lives in my father's room because she's so afraid of her fellow kitties, doesn't mind when St. John sneaks in for a visit!

My mom has gotten a big kick out of your well-wishes... thank you for helping us celebrate our little puddin'!
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Happy Birthday St. John!! (I love his name)
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