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Toughts on "out of the box" pooping?

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A friend is at her wits(& patience) end with her cat. Snowy has had loose stools before & pooped on her bed once. History of UTIs.

Well, now Snowy pooped on both son's beds & her own bed(which soaked through to the mattress)! She has a dog, who they've had for over a year. Snowy hates the dog, but has the house to herself while the dog is with daddy all day.

I told her to do a complete physical exam, fecal sample, & UTI test. Then perhaps consider behavioral modifications meds. She's tried my "other" ideas already....Feliway, etc. Nothing is working. And I know she loves this cat, but there is no way she can live like that....pooping is a huge issue.

I have no experience with pooping outta the box, so I could only offer limited advice. Anyone else, she really needs some ideas?
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I've only heard of this happening once and the cat was royally ticked off at the person whose bed got pooped on. If medical reasons are ruled out, maybe that's it?
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Did I understand correctly that the poop "soaked" through to the mattress? If it's loose enough to make that much of a mess, then I would highly suspect that the loose poops have something to do with the behavior. I don't know if the fecal will turn anything up (I would still do it), but finding the cause of the loose poops would be my first priority. If the fecal doesn't turn anything up, I would look at diet, and lastly, possibly - stress.
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My room-mate's cat does this, and we've been told by the vet that there's nothing he can do as Flash (the cat) has kidney issues that are affecting both his bladder and his bowels. He's stopped peeing in the house (he's an outdoor/indoor cat), but he still poops on the floor, and anywhere else he deems appropriate. Your friend may want to ask the vet to do some testing on the kidneys. Hope it gets better!
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Perhaps I should suggest a blood panel as well....I know Snowy is at least 5 years old, I think older than that.

And yes Beandip....I believe the stools are very loose. Stool sample going in tomorrow as she didn't poop today!
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