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All kinds of questions

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Hi Everybody,

My girlfriend and I have had our first cat for about 2 months now. He was born on Easter and has been great for the most part.

A few weeks ago I started feeding wet food a couple times per week because I read about cats getting dehydrated.

Well, in the two weeks my kitten was FREAKING! out. He turned into a terror driving us nuts and keeping me up all night, unlike before. Well I realized when I put some more wet food down that was why...he stopped. Guess he really likes it

So I guess I will switch to wet food. The thing is I have been free-feeding dry so how much do I give him? What about when I leave for work for 8 hours, how much do I leave out?

What brands do you reccomend? I have used 2-3 different wet foods and he seems to like it all.

The other issue is I am going into my last year of college. I also work full time so come September, he will be 6 months old and home from early am to night time. I am thinking about getting another kitten to keep them busy but that is another thread How much do I leave then? Can I leave some dry for those long days?

Has anybody ever dealt with a kitten freaking out over food?

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How much you feed depends on the size of the cat & the activity level. I do, however, suggest you only leave wet down for 30 minutes, max. Bacteria builds up quickly on it. What brands have you tried? (That way we can offer other suggestions)

How I do it is I feed wet 2x a day. I free feed dry as well. Cats can do fine eating 2 meals a day...kittens should eat 3-4 meals a day, IMO. I fee wet every morning & night, but the kits have dry to snack on during the day then.

A playmate is a GREAT idea provided you have space & can afford one.
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Well to tell you the truth I am not sure what kinds we have used, I will have to ask my girlfriend when she gets home.

What about when I am gone all day come the fall? Should I just levae out what I know he will eat? I may be gone for 16 hours. Is it ok to feed a good meal in the morning and then when I get home@ 6 months old? Should I not leave any dry food?

I can't believe this is all it took to calm him down.
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IMO, if you are going to be gone all day, all wet isn't the best idea. I suggest 2 meals of wet a day & dry available, so long as he isn't overweight. Then, he can eat the dry if he gets hungry, if not, he can hold out for the wet.

I suggest looking into:
Chicken Soup
Natural Balance
Eagle Pack
by Nature(wets good)
Meow Mix wet is OK(dry is bad)

Those are what I can think of for now....
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