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Help With Kitten

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I have a 5 week old kitten that needs some help. The kitten is having a problem with it's poop coming out. It's almost as if it's kind of stuck there. Her anus is getting swollen. Little by little some of the poop comes out, but not entirely.
The kitten has no tail, so I'm not sure if that can cause any problems. The kitten's very active. Any help is appreciated.
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I would take her to a vet. I'm not sure what's going on there but I hope she finds relief soon.
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Welcome to TCS!

If her anus is protuding, something is very wrong. I would get her to the vet ASAP. Is the mother around & are there any littermates?
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Here's a pic of the kitten from behind.

This is the mom.

We have 3 other kittens from a different cat, but those are fine.
The other 3 kittens feed off of their mother.
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Mom and baby are gorgeous! That butt pic is blurry or is that just me? Does her stool, what does come out, seem hard?
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It's kind of hard to get a good shot from behind. The kitten doesn't like to stand still.

Her stool doesn't feel hard. It feels like regular stool, just that it has been somewhat exposed for a while. It's a little soft.

Quick question, how can I tell if the kitten is a male or female?
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With manx type cats (tailess) they tend to have a little problem with stools as they do not have a tail. The tail on a cat has more muscle and can help the cat eliminate properly.

I know a friend of mine who had a maine coon/manx mix and she was totally tailless - she had a lot of problems over the years with pooping. Sometimes her owner had to help.

Looks like its a boy to me but hard to tell from the one photo. Males will have a more rounded circle where they pee and the females will have more of a slit. With longhairs its a little harder to tell at times.

What color is the mom and dad - I can tell you what sex the kitten is.
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