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Adding a New Cat to House With Constipated Cat

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I wasn't quite sure where to place this thread so I thought I'd put it here. I have been lurking since November/December when my kitty Xen was sick. A quick recap, our 5 year old cat Xen has problems passing stool because of a broken pelvis that healed incorrectly which puts pressure on his colon/small intestines. (We got him a year ago and this injury came long before he became a family member.) So anyways...after much TLC, daily medicine, special food, and a few kitty enemas (none needed since December!) he is a happy, healthy, robust, guy. He doesn't act sick and I think he may weigh more now than he did before! Anyways, my husband and I have been talking about adding a new animal family member. Right now we have to monitor Xen's stool to make sure he isn't constipated and he hasn't had any problems since December. I would love to add a cat but I am concerned that with a 2nd cat we wouldn't be able to monitor his stool as well. I was wondering if anyone has successfully navigated an issue like this. I would really love to have another cat, not just for myself but Xen also seems lonely...but that's another story for another day. Thanks for all of your help!
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This might sound gross but I usually can tell which poop belongs to which cat. I have 5 cats. Every now and then if I hear a cat in the box I will check to see who it is and what they are going. IF it is poop I usually wait and check it out when they are done. Right now I don't have any problems so no need for me to do this. Cetain cats usually only use a certain box to so that helps.
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I know how you feel because I also have a constipated cat that we have to closely monitor. I know what her poops look like, right down to the size, shape, and diameter. Sick huh? Anyway, bringing another cat means you'll have to get another litterbox. But, unfortunately, there's no way to tell which cat to go in which box. If you get a kitten, their poop is of course smaller, may be a lot softer, etc. You know what your cat's poop looks like, and you'll be able to tell what is not Xen's because you've monitored it so much. Good job for being an attentive owner!

I would just make sure Xen is getting his good food (you might have to separate them when they eat and not leave food out all day), and just keep an eye on his litterbox usage. If you notice him making several trips, that (for my cat) is a sign of trouble.

It can be done though. Good luck and keep us posted!
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