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Only my mom would do this

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So my parents left on Sunday (well we left the house while they were at church), mom calls me and said Dad grabbed a ziploc bag of crackers (keep them) and one of my turned wooden bowls-he bought one at the farmer's market, must not have realized that I have a couple. I said I will get in in a couple of weeks-again no biggie.
Before they came mom forgot B-day card (just mail it).
So mom today asked me to call her when I got the card-I called and said nothing in the mail today (bummer I was hoping for a little B-Day $$$)
Anyhow the UPS guy stops and drops off a pkg from mom. Inside, my card (with $$$), the wooden bowl, a magazine, a newspaper article and the crackers!!
Only my mom would send a pkg like that!!
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she mailed the crackers back to you??? too funny!!!
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Au contraire -- so would mine! Aren't moms the greatest?
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She sounds like a neat Mom.
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Well Neil was looking for the crackers sunday nite. He rolled his eyes when he saw the bag and promptly ate them!
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That's so funny! (and sweet!) I can see my Grandmother doing the same thing!
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awwww what a sweet Mom!
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Mothers are the sweetest. My mom would have done the same thing. When I moved away from home, I got the strangest packages from her...including, a sewing kit, spices I just "might" need (I still haven't made anything that called for cumin), clean panties that I accidently left there, folded neatly in a zip lock bag (so they wouldn't get any cumin on them, I guess? Honestly, it is a spice!). The sweetest thing is when she sent me my favorite baby toy. Its amazing what mothers will send you. Just shows she loves you and is still trying to take care of you!
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I use cumin in a few recipes!!
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Aw, how sweet is she! You all make me teary - I lost my mom 4 years ago and I still miss her so much. She was sweet just like your mom.
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Originally Posted by GailC View Post
I use cumin in a few recipes!!
Hey, you want some? I have a full bottle. Or, better yet, send me your recipes!
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Aww thats so nice of her!
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heeh that is funny
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