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sexually agressive behavior

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I have 2 cats, 1 male (7 yrs) & 1 female (2 yrs), both have been fixed and used to get along great. Lately my male cat has become sexually agressive with the female cat. My female cat has become withdrawn and constantly hides when she is normally very loving, vocal and extremely friendly. She has definitely become afraid of him. I have discussed with my vet the possiblity of his neuturing not taken, even though it was done when he was 6 months old, but was told one had nothing to do with the other. I have tried to find out information about this behavior but so far have been unable to locate anything. Does anyone know where I can find out about correcting his behavior?
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I`m sorry...I really don`t know (unless there is some sort of medical problem with one of them????)....but i`m sure someone will be along directly who has had the same problem and offer some advice.
I hope it gets resolved SOON for them and you!
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Do you live in a rural area? Could there be stray cats outside your home wandering around? This often causes stress and aggression for indoor cats....
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I do not live in a rural area but there are quite a few strays in the neighborhood but my cats are only indoors. They do not ever go outside. I have read about how stress effects cat behavior but nothing was said about sexual agression. I have had to change food lately because my female cat has seafood allergeries but that shouldn't affect his attitude, should it?
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I'm thinking that what you observe as sexual aggression really isn't; instead it's dominance behavior (at best) or aggression. A neutered male cat can do some of the same behaviors: mounting, gripping, biting, and so forth, but it's not sex. That you say your female cat has become afraid of him and it's changed her behavior patterns is worrisome. I think that you need to clue your vet in with more detail on what's happening between these two cats without prejudicing him toward a sexual cause. If your female is becoming a pariah cat because of your male's constant aggression, then her life is going to be miserable. One or both of these cats needs behavioral intervention, and possibly medication, before the behavior gets so reinforced that it's permanent.
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