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Advice and Opinions Needed

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Hi everyone!

I have a 5 year old cat named Tux. Throughout the past week we'd been noticing that Tux seemed to be getting smaller until I picked him up on Saturday morning and he was literally skin and bones. I cried and freaked out and came to the conclusion that he had stopped eating.

We didn't have money for the emergency Vet and so I got all of his old favourite foods that we'd stopped feeding him a couple years ago in favour of a more health conscious brand and put them all over the house in his "spots"

Tux was so weak and layed around for all of Saturday but by me following him around with my water glass and giving him fresh wet food whenever he went by the bowl he started to eat and drink. His first bowl movement was like black tar and there were some strange things in there (I put it in a container for the vet). We initially thought parasite and called the Vet early monday morning to make an appointment (that we really can't afford) and have one for Friday.

With more love and feeding and constant monitoring Tux is eating (wet and dry food), he's got his weight back and he's going the bathroom normally. His stool has no black tar bits and is really quite normal and healthy.

Could he have just stopped eating because he had a sore tummy and then by us making him eat and drink so much he flushed it out with that one really bad bowl movement? Does that happen?

Should we buy the parasite medication and try it? If we wait until August 10 to take him to the Vet we'll be able to pay for it and not go without food for two weeks, but should we wait?

He seems like normal him again, but that was just... scary.

Opinions? Advice?

Thank You
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Please see if your vet would take a post dated check.. A stool sample will tell the vet WHAT parasite your looking at and the appr treatment
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