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Help! Too skinny!

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We found my cat Gandolf Grey Beard just about one year ago. He was so skinny he could barely walk and was near dead. After visiting the vet we discovered that he was 10 years of age or older and his kidneys are failing. He does drink an accessive about of water (because of the kidney failure). He began to gain weight but now he is very skinny again. I can feel all of his bones in his back, ribs, and hips. He eats 1/2 a can of wet food in the morning and 1/2 can in the evening. I have tried giving him a full can at each feeding but he does not eat more than the 1/2. Gandolf does not seem to be in pain, he is still walking around and jumping but I am still concerned about his weight. People comment about how skinny he is when they see him. How can I fatten him up?
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Have you talked to the vet to make sure nothing new is bothering him? If not, I'd definitely do that ASAP.

Have you tried giving him a third meal somewhere in the middle of the day? Maybe he'd be hungry enough to take in a bit more food by then. You could also ask the vet about adding some Nutri-Cal or something to his diet to give him some extra calories maybe?
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Firstly, you need to do a vet visit to check that there is nothing else wrong - thyroid problems do go hand in hand with kidney probs. You might also want to ask him about higher calorie foods - what do you currently feed him?
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I second talking to the vet and making sure his thyroid levels are normal--otherwise it will be impossible to fatten him up. You can try enticing him with other foods, like eggs, or using a supplement, like Nutri-cal.
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I found a stray cat at work few months ago. He is very skinny just got worm tablets today to see if that a problem, I gave him stronghold but did not work. I was told to give Snowy kitten food it has more nutrition in it. I feed him that at the moment. I feed him four times a day if he is hungry he would eat sometimes not. I am feeding him Whiskers Sachets dry and wet food. I don’t see him drinking anything. I want him to get use to us more before taken him to the vet. I hope his has noting wrong with him. Hope your cat starts to pick up weight.
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Jes, I would take SNowy to the vets now, any stray should have an immediate vet check. What worm tablets did you use, shop bought ones aren't effective, and Stronghold only treats for some worms, so that is still a possibility, but a vet needs to make sure there is nothing else. Good luck.
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I tried to being Snowy to the vet but very nervous when saw box, couldn’t put him in it. I went to the vet and told him snowy has sore eyes and skinny. He was put on antibiotics and drops. I will bring him to vet next Wednesday when I am off. Try to get someone from work to bring him sooner but he more used to me. The tablet is Drontal tabs got them in the chemist.
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