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My kitty babies :) *LOTS OF PICS*

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Here are a few pictures of my kitties. I don't have any of Pearl, Jetta, or Bobby at the moment. Once I get my printer back up and running, I'll be able to post them!

Here's Tags.

When she was a wittle baby


She was sleepin' with her buddy, Sarge, who we had to have PTS last Easter. RIP

Don't mind my expression, lol. This is where she'd sleep when she was tired. I could walk all over the house with her sound asleep like that.

Sleepin' on my brother. He was the "babysitter" when I wasn't home, and I came home to this one night. lol


A little older --

She loved to try and jump into your arms from her podium! She was almost always successful! She was about to jump to me in this picture.

Miss THANG! She was starting to become more reserved, giving me that look like "Excuse me can you not take my picture? Thanks..."

Kitty yoga - lol

A picture of her with her babies.

Next on the list is Marbles. This is the only recent photo I have of her. She's about 18 years old in this pic. She hasn't changed much at 22!

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Next is Tiki-Butt LOL Don't as where I got that from! Just popped in my head one day!

His "close up" lol

Here's Spike

Spike at about 8 weeks old

I LOVE how this picture turned out of him.

Layin' with Daddy. He'll only lay like that for my BF!

Only two photo's I have of Kia at the moment

She was watching my BF play a hockey game.

And, last I'd like to post a couple cute pictures of Biggy (RIP), one of the kittens I had that just recently was hit by a car.

Asleep with his buddy Cuca. She was a puppy who lived with us for a while, with her owners.

Anyone see the resemblence? lol (see picture "Kitty yoga")

No, he was not that young when he was hit. He had been hit in front of our house a couple of months ago when he was about 9 months. RIP Sweet boy...

Okay, that's all for now. Dial up users --- I am SO sorry. Hahaha
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I'll move this to the cats and other animals forum
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I think you need to resize some of the pictures, but Tags is absolutely adorable! I love the "kitty yoga" pic! Can't wait to see the rest!
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Tags is a cutie. I love the pic of her with her babies.
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Awww, what a little sweetie pie! She turned out to be a beautiful girl!
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VERY cute pictures
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Your cat is SO cute!!
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She looks very sweet. Her in the suitcase with the babies is adorable
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