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Hello, first of all I'm a complete novice at this sort of thing, so I appologise initially.

It's my parent's - in - law that have a cat, who we have just had the fortune of discovering has fleas... or more like my partner found one on his arm. And, I'm sure you know what it's like, suddenly the whole of your body itches, and you think they're everywhere.

I really don't like bugs. And worst of all, we're in the middle of a flood. Okay, not the middle ... but on Friday we were waist deep in rain water, and according to the weather forcast, it's going to be much the same tomorrow.

Did I mention our water supplies been cut off too? So, all in all, it's a bit of a rubbish situation. I have no water, I have no real way of getting out of town to a pet shop, I have no shower unit to make myself feel better, and I quite possibly, have fleas all over my home.

Is there any natural, or home made concoction I can whip up that could possibly help me? Honestly, I don't have that much money at the moment, and all that I do have is intended to be spent on water (long story - but basically, I tried to buy some bottled water today at a local garage - at which they told me that it would cost me around £25 / $50.) In amongst all this, we're both supposed to be working tomorrow and I genuinely... don't want people noticing I have fleas along with every thing else! I have very long hair, and I really can't stop itching now. o_O

Any help would be really, really appreciated.

Thanks in advance !
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This worked for us in the past but you'll have to wash the cat in a week or so.

We've used Sevan (its in the garden supply) and sprinkled it on the cats coat and rubbed it in. Killed the fleas and didn't hurt the cat. But it makes the fur kinda yucky/dry so a bath is needed later.

That would work in a quick pinch if you need something fast and cheap.
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Thats the thing, I don't own the cat, it's my parent's-in-laws ... my partner just happens to have been there today, we just get the rubbish left over fleas.

I need some kinda home remedy if possible to deflea myself, my partner and our home. Oh, and I'm somewhat of a hypochondriac... so as stupid as I sound asking ... they can't hurt me in any way, right?
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If you don't have any animals in your home then I wouldn't worry too much right now. Your hubby may have had one jump on him at your in-laws' place but that wouldn't cause an immediate infestation in your own home. We humans can bring the odd flea in on our clothing which can then get to our animals, but I doubt if you have to worry much at this point.

I assume you are in an area of the UK that is being flooded - stay safe and well.
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