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Can a neutering go wrong?

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We have 2 indoor cats, Sebastian and Brittany. Sebastian was neutered in October of 2001 at 7 months of age. Brittany have never been spayed. She seems to be pregnant though. Large stomach, territorial, enlarged nipples, likes to cuddle, bigger appetite and loves to be in the dark. Could have something gone wrong in the neutering or is this just a false pregnancy? PLEASE HELP!!!
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Your best bet would get your female spayed. You will prolong her life and not getting her spayed opens her up to certain types of cancer. Not to mention a unspayed female is miserable when she is heat and she will make you the same. Most neuterings take right away, but even if your male is neutered, during a heat cycle, he could mount your female anyway (depending on what age he got neutered) Plus, if you unspayed female gets outside, she will be taken right away by a Tom. So please do the responsible thing, and call your vet to have your female spayed before the next kitten season.
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Hi Sarah. I moved your thread to Health & Nutrition, it seems to belong here I think. I am not sure what to tell you, but if your female cat has not been allowed outside where any other male could get to her, and if she is indeed pregnant, then my guess would be that when the vet neutered him, he may have had one of his testicles up inside him and the vet missed it. What I mean is, with my male cat Merlin, I took him in to be neutered and the vet said he thought he only had one testicle, because he had opened him up and looked around for the other one and could not find it, so he sent him home but a few months later, Merlin was spraying and trying to mate one of the females that had not been spayed yet, so I took him back in, the vet opened him back up and looked harder and there it was, he finally found it and now Merlin is really neutered. So this could be a possibility...I would call your vet and ask him if he found both testicles when he was doing this. But some of the other people here may have better advice for you, I'm no expert, just going on personal experience. Keep us posted on what you find out and if she really is pregnant!
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I agree with Hissy! Your female should be spayed very soon.
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I'm not sure about cats but, Mom had a dog get pregnant, by a neutered male.

The vet said that, sometimes, a few sperm are left in the vas deferens and they are viable, for months. Charlie caught Lucky at just the "right" time. Mom didn't even know that Lucky was pregnant - she was at the vet's to be spayed and the vet called to say that there would be an extra charge, for an abortion. Mom didn't believe him and he invited her down, to see three black puppies. Mom declined and paid the extra.
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