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Please help!

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I have a 4 year old tabby named Ginger who has been with us since 3 months. We recently decided to add a kitten to our family and to give Ginger a playmate. We brought the kitten home and Ginger showed a great deal of curiosity until the Kitten began crying. Then Ginger acted terribly afraid, ran and hid where no one could get her and stayed there for 3 hours. After a couple days we began 1 hour session room swaps. The kitten explored the house while Ginger begged to be let out the entire time besides the time she spent eating the kitten food. We then put the kitten in a carrier and let Ginger into the room after 4 days of this and Ginger hopped up on the Window perch and began growling and hissing and everything else. Treats, attention nothing would console her We opened the door and she haulled butt back to her hiding place. We tried this 6 more times over a period of 4 days and the same result. Desperately trying something different, we let the kitten out into the house with Ginger and the kitten chased Ginger around the house until Ginger went into her hiding place and backed up against he wall and went into a rage screaming. I dont know what to try next as it appears our 4 year old cat is affraid of our 3 month old kitten.
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I know how frustrating it is but I think you are doing pretty well. Having Ginger afraid of the kitten is better than having her attack it. If she has been an only cat for 4 years and since she was a baby she may well not have a clue what to make of that furry little spitfire that chases her.

I would just keep giving Ginger brief sessions with the kitten, gradually increasing the time until she realizes she doesn't need to be afraid. Putting the kitten in a carrier is a good way to let Ginger approach the kitten without having the kitten charge at her.

Keep at it and don't get discouraged. It might take a while but I bet she'll come around.

Good luck!
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Something that an old friend of mine did with his dogs (he's got four) seemed to work, though I think I would slightly modify this:

He got all of his dogs at different times and every time when introducing a new dog, he'd place them in a cage in the corner of a room and let the other dogs get used to them. Keeping the cage in the corner was supposed to give the new dog a place to retreat if the others got too aggressive. After a while, they all got used to each other and he could let the dog out.

My personal preference is a little different. I think I'd put both animals in a cage (separate ones!), particularly if they're cats, because I think that cats have more of a tendency to just not care, rather than be curious about the newcomer (out of sight, out of mind), so kind've forcing them to be near each other but not able to harm one another might move things along faster. Give them each their own supply of food and water and I'd suggest letting each cat out for a while every day for some "alone-time". I hope this was of some help.
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Well, to start, things could be worse! Ginger sounds to be very tolerant of the kitten, yet truly doesn't understand why the kitten is there! She probably feels that she is being punished and intruded upon, and doesn't know why. What I meant by it could be worse is she is aggressive physically. Kittens are very needy, 3 months old they are developing all their senses and need constant physical contact. The play, chase, play hunt and play fighting is all part of their needs to develop their instincts as a kitten/cat. Ginger, assuming, has not been a mom and probably doesn't want to be. I really don't know enough about the situation or her to say, but lets look at it in her eyes instead of ours........
You told us that you decided to add a kitten to your family as well as Ginger would have a playmate. Did you tell her this, or ask her, allow her to still be queen bee as the kitten came into her palace? Treats and toys are really only a distraction , especially when it comes to cats! Ginger should always have full roam of her palace, the kitten should be kept in a separate room and brought out with Ginger in short, observed intervals. Play with the kitten and try to keep the kitten from chasing or annoying her so Ginger can observe. Talk to Ginger and reassure her its ok, shes the queen bee as well.
Sometimes we need to put ourselves in someone else's shoes to understand a situation.........this is putting yourself in another's paws! It relly sounds that Ginger simply feels put out yet doesn't want to physically protest, yet she shows her disapproval by growling in the window, she cries or screams for help when chased and fed up, and runs for cover when she hears the kitten crying looking for attention since she doesn't want to be the target! Hope this helps! Good luck!
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I do have bag of cat nip that I acquired. Could this be put to use in anyway
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