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Flea collars?

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Has anyone ever had experience with the flea collars? If so, how did they work? Which ones seem to work the best?

My mom bought a couple to try. I put one of them on Kia, and I really haven't seen any fleas, but I don't know how effective they really are.

Once my mom gets her retirement money, we plan on getting spot-on flea preventative for ALL of the animals, but for now we are doing well with the Adam's flea spray.

But just curious what you all have noticed.
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Please, please, don't use flea collars. They release a constant flow of insecticide into your cat which can be toxic.

If you have an issue with fleas you should use Frontline or Advantage or I think the other one is Revolution from your vet. Flea remedies contain powerful insecticides and can be toxic to your cat so should be used with caution, and not in the form of a collar which releases it into the bloodstream constantly.

The best use for flea collars is to cut them up and put them in the bag of your vacuum cleaner to kill any fleas you hoover up - but never use them on your cat!
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Flea collars are a waste of money. They are really no good other then to cut them up and put in the vacuum cleaners or under seat cushions.

There are much better flea products out there. Flea collars have POISON on the outside of them. If another cat gets it in their mouth or you don't wash your hands, you could get very sick.

Spend the money for Frontline or Advantage (from your vet) - make sure you get the ones for cats only.
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Thanks for the quick responses. I went and took the collar off of Kia. Will deff not use them in the future. As I said, my expertise is more in dogs, so I'm trying to further my knowledge with cats.

Thanks again.
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Yeah, I was uneducated about flea collars too. When I first got my cat, I bought one, but it smelled so strong of pesticide that it was giving me a headache. Imagine what it would do to the poor cat! I trusted my gut and chucked it out.

Get Advantage or one of those kinds. Much better.
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I have allergic reactions to the flea collars... I get a headache and break out in a very itchy rash if I even pet an animal wearing one. So for that reason, I can't even use them in the vaccum!
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