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Have any of you had any experience with a cat having an "allergic" reaction to cat nip?

My 5 month old Tabby girl Kia, seems to be that way.

When we first got her, she didn't have any signs of this. I had bought a container of catnip shortly after we had adopted her, and had it for Tiki. After about a month, I started to notice a scab develop on her chin. It looked as though it was just a boo-boo from playing too rough with Spike, so I didn't think anything of it. But I kept checking on it, and it gradually got larger.

So, we threw out a catnip "scented" scratcher and I didn't buy anymore catnip for a while. The "scabbing" seemed to clear up, to just very small "dirt looking" flecks. So, then I thought that it was possibly a fleas nest. It looked VERY much like one, so I put some Adam's flea spray on her chin (I sprayed my fingers and rubbed it on), as long as there wasn't any open area's. This didn't work so I kept it combed out.

I just bought another container a couple weeks ago, and since I had started giving it again -- her whole chin has broken out with this humongous scab, and every now and then it seeps and gets VERY red and raw.

Do you guys think it's possible that she's slightly allergic to catnip? Has anyone had experience with this? I guess my only option is just to not buy catnip until I get it figured out completely. I'm deff going to ask the vet about it, once we get Pearl's infection under control.

It never seems to really bother her. Every now and then she may scratch it, but I just feel so bad for her. I'm sure it has to be irritating.

Any advice or input is appreciated