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Chief has cancer

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I posted about my niece's cat Chief in another thread. My niece is in Algeria right now and her cat is being cared for her father, my brother in law. I'm not sure when she is due back home, but I doubt that it will be in time to see Chief again. He's 14 years old and she's had him since he was a small kitten.

Chief has been seriously constipated and poor baby has gone thru a series of enemas over the last few weeks. BIL took him for an MRI today and they found cancer all through his body. I panicked when I got an e-mail from him this morning to the effect that his eyes had turned yellow which indicated liver failure. I knew it had to be really bad.

The biopsy results come back tomorrow to identify the exact type of cancer, but BIL was already told that it is too extensive and there is nothing that they can do for him.

So all we can hope for is that his time left is pain free and stress free. I don't think that BIL has ever had to make a decision like this in his life and he was also very close to Chief (they cared for him when my niece was in college). In some ways Chief is more his cat than my niece's.

edited: Sorry, my vet called to talk about Stumpy so posted this before I finished.

I just want everyone to hold Chief in their thoughts and send positive vibes his way. Chief is a pale red tabby and a beautiful boy.
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Sending for Chief and his family. I hope his remaining time will be as comfortable as possible and his end peaceful. to the humans
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Poor thing...and your poor neice..I just hope that he is kept painfree for his remainder of his days. Many prayers and <<vibes>> for Chief and all of the family involved.
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I'll keep Chief and his humans in my thoughts and Prayers.
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I am so sorry for this very sad news. My thoughts and prayers to all.
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It's so sad. Animals are family to me and I always joked that he was my cat nephew. My sister and her husband are living apart over the summer (job situation) so she can't even be there for my BIL. I'm sure she's crying her eyes out over this also.

And we're not sure if Sara even knows about this. She's in a part of the country that I don't think gets cell phone coverage, and she's not responding to e-mails right now.
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Healing vibes......

As well, Chief will be in our prayers
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Yes, it is a very hard thing.
I just lost my sweet girl Lizzie to cancer in May so believe me I feel for all of you and know what you're going through.
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May Chief be comfortable and at peace.

Its really nice that he is with people right now that are really looking out for him and getting him to the vet and taking care of his needs, Bless Chief and Bless them, too!
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I am so sorry. I wish him pain free days that remain and for him to feel all the love that his family has for him. What a difficult time for that family to be scattered
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Originally Posted by Pat & Alix View Post
What a difficult time for that family to be scattered
That is the really sad part about it all.

I have to call BIL tomorrow night to talk to him about all of this. It's so much easier to type an answer on TCS than to talk through this in real time. If you get it wrong, you can correct before you submit. It's so hard to comfort someone that is 800 miles away from you. And he's never been through this before. This is the first pet in his life.
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I am sending hugs and prayers from Mississippi for your brother-in-law and Chief.

:gr phug2:

Please tell him that we are all thinking about him and praying for him.
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I'm so sorry to hear about Chief. This must be so difficult for your family.

I hope that Chief can be kept as pain free as possible. At least he has many people who love him and care about him. Healing thoughts and hugs to all.
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I hesitated to mention it, but know it's part of what all of you are going through who love Chief.

I have no answers, but your caring, the fact that you know some of what he is feeling, and that to you, this isn't "just a cat", will mean you can/will provide good comfort to him.

Again, I am just so sorry.
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Wishing Chief painfree days and hugs to you all.
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So she will never get to see her baby boy again?

I hope the rest of his days are pain-free....I so wish his meowmy could be home for him right now.
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I'm so sorry to hear this, and wish Chief peaceful, pain-free last days, and peace of mind to those who love him.
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Amy this is so sad

I'll be keeping them all in my thoughts, especially Chief, and sending him comfortable and pain free
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Chief and his family are in my thoughts and prayers.
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
So she will never get to see her baby boy again?
Natalie - don't let this ever discourage you from traveling!!!

Sara went on vacation in late June to Paris and her boyfriend proposed a few weeks ago. They went to Algeria to meet his parents. She had scheduled a 2 month trip over there and isn't due back until sometime in August. If Chief hangs on, there is a chance that she will see him again, but I suspect she'll be flying home sooner rather than later (if she can afford it).
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