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More shows cats

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We have more show kittens coming up. This years breedings have been spot on!

Have sold one show boy to another breeder out of Loki X Kenya and also sold a show quality boy as a pet...hope to convince them to show as an alter. In addition we are keeping two girls from this litter to show....a seal lynx marbled and a brown spotted. Amazing litter, 4 of 6 kittens are show quality.

Also have one brown spotted boy out of the Kahekili X Spellbound litter we will be keeping to show.

Whew, I'm going to be broke after this show season......

Not complaining though.....we've been doing well at the shows. It's going to be a fun year!

They're still babies, but I will post pics soon.
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Congrats!! I saw the picture of that pretty seal lynx marble. It sort of throws you when you see all these dark babies and then a light light colored baby.

I still have a soft spot for those marble boys though!!!
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Congrats, but that's more of why its good to study pedigrees and breed the best to the best. You get more top show quality (even if they are all not shown). By doing this, you improve the breed and are not just breeding a purebred cat.

When I was breeding my rexes, I studied lines/pedigrees and carefully bred the right cats together. Happy to say that in several litters there were only 2 or 3 at the most that were true "pet" quality - the rest would have done quite well in the shows.

Looking forward to more pics (and learning too)
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That's awesome Nial. I've always thought you have some of the most beautiful Bengals around, next to Simba of course. LOL!! Angel is one of yours.
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Congratulations on a successful breeding year
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Glad to hear your breeding program is so successful!
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Nial, how did the show go this past weekend?
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Originally Posted by snosrap5 View Post
Nial, how did the show go this past weekend?

Hi Eva! We really enjoyed the show, there were 16 bengal kittens competing, the biggest class I've seen ever I think........all of them were amazing. I've never seen the judges take so long to decide on a winner. Seriously, I thought one judge was going to give up......she had such a tough time deciding which kittens were best. She looked at all of them at least 6 times.
Our 2, Tuscany and Cypress did really well, in the top 5 most of the time along with a couple best of breeds and some finals. It was a good show for us.
St Petersburg is beautiful, but it was HOT and humid. I enjoyed seeing parrots or conures flying around outside.....that was interesting.

We'll definitely go again next year.
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