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Rip, little Sassy-orphan.

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Sassy was the bigger sister of the stray/orphan kitten that I am currently fostering (and hoping to adopt). She was a sweet, playful little brown tabby girl, who never let her two brothers put her down. =) She was the first of the four kittens to open her eyes, taddle around, leap at her sibs, and bond with a human.

She died this morning, on the way to a vet's clinic. I was told that she had gone to bed early last night, only to wake up early this morning in the litter bow, mouth "stuffed with litter", hardly breathing, and with her eyes practically glued shut. We suspest she must have aspirated some of the milk forumla, causeing pneumonia, and that, combined with the mild case of URIs they all seem to have, she didn't make it to the vet in time. She stopped breathing just minutes before they reached the clinic.

You were a sweet kitten, Sassy. I'm sorry your life was so short, but I hope you know that we all loved you dearly.

Farewell, spunky girl.
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RIP sweet Sassy, and play happily at the RB. I am so sorry for the loss of her.
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I've asked my Bartholomew to look after you at the Bridge little Sassy.
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RIP Sassy.

You can now be free of your illness.....
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Have a wonderful time at the bridge Sassy. You'll have lots of older kitties there who'll look after you

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Oh how sad

Rest in peace, little Sassy
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RIP Sassy
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How sad.

RIP Sassy
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Thanks guys. =/
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