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This is one of the things I got hubby for Christmas, the Nickelback CD (Silver Side Up)and I gave it to him last night and we played it over and over! I just LOVE it!!! I wish I had gotten myself one too!! The whole CD is great, just in case any of you are Nickleback fans!
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I keep meaning to buy their album as I have Way You Remind Me and that's an excellent track. Suppose I'll get it next Christmas :o)
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That one is one of my favorites BuNN but my absolute favorite is their song "Too Bad". You should get it!
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Hmm, I have some gift certificates to the mall. I might pick that one up.
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If you do, let me know how you like it.
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Nickelback has some really good songs. I like the Superhero song off of the Superman soundtrack sung by the lead singer.

Off topic: While I normally dont like Eminem, I do like his new song "Lose Yourself" from his movie 8 Mile.
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Tigger, I haven't heard that song yet. I do love the "Hero" song you mentioned, though! I had to buy the Spiderman soundtrack just because of that one song!!!
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Tigger - Yeah I love that Lose Yourself track.

I'll get Too Bad as a MP3 and if I like it, I'll buy it.
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There's something about Nickelback I don't like. Their songs are good, the guy sings well . . . but something in the lyrics is off-putting.
The Hero song really turns me off. Once again, it's the lyrics, plus I think the song is way too sentimental and sappy. For some reasn, I find referrences to "wings of eagles" chessy. Besides, if you're holding onto the eagle' wings, how are they flying away?
I didn't like that song "This Kiss" either. I can't remember who sang it. Was it Faith Hill? Anyway, she mentions, in that song, a "slow and steady rush." A slow rush? That doesn't make sense.
I will say that Nickelback has some great songs with great hooks, and so does the "This Kiss" girl.
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I too really like Nickelback. My fave by them is Way You Remind Me. Second fave is Too Bad. My husband bought their CD a while ago and we love it.

As far as Eminem goes I really don't like any of his song. I can't believe they play them on the radio. so much of it is beeped out that you only get to hear every third word or so and what's the point of that? In my opinion his songs can be vulgar and distasteful. Definitely not something I'd want my children to listen to if I had any. But if you like his music that's up to you, after all you are entitled to like whatever you want.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!

Happy New Year!

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My friend came over with it this morning to let me preview it, (she got it for Christmas)... I'll probably buy it. I didn't even get near the CD store today, it was way too crowded for my liking.

I think they are talented, but I can't help but think that a lot of the stuff out there today sounds the same (Creed, Lifehouse, etc.)

And Ryan, yeah, I think that was Faith Hill.

It's funny, because I normally hate country music, and the other day I was flipping through channels and I saw the video for 'Concrete Angel' by Martina McBride and I really liked it. Does anyone have that album?
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I love Creed...I think it is nice to have some meaning in the songs and not just a bunch of yelling and screaming like some of them my hubby likes (like Mud Vein or whatever they are called...yuk)
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I don't like Creed, but I don't like Mudvayne either.
I'm ridiculously picky about lyrical content. I think Creed is sappy, plus . . . they're religious. But, millions of people all over the world disagree. Each to their own, I always say. Mark Tremonti (guitarist for Creed) is an amazing guitar player.
There are two extremes of music that I won't tolerate:
Screaming, hacking, look-how-mad-I-am music
and praying, crying, falling-down-on-my-knees music

I like lyrics to be subtle. Subtelty is a lost art in this generation, where the listening public is bashed mercilessly in the face with unrealistic and often childish displays of emotion.

Scott Stapp (of Creed) takes himself way too seriously.

Mudvayne is just ridiculous.
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Originally posted by Thirtysilver
I don't like Creed, I think Creed is sappy, plus . . . they're religious.

Scott Stapp (of Creed) takes himself way too seriously.
Maybe he just takes his religion seriously.
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Maybe I judge him too harshly.
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