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I've been looking around for some of that stuff to repel cats from furniture and whatnot, and while I was looking, someone told me that mothballs will do the trick. She said put them in a bag with a couple of holes in it and put it between the cushions, etc... Anyone know if this is true? And if it isn't, do you know any other home remedies that aren't harmful to the cats?
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I've heard that suggestion, too, but never tried it.
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Ya know, just to mention, some cats do not react to fowl scents/odors as you would expect. Maia is my first experience of this! She will not be phased by chemical/pungent/normally repulsive odors! My worry with this possibility would be the temptation to play with a mouth ball, dig out the object, play with it, its round and perfect toy size! I can't imagine mouth balls being safe to ingest!
Not sure of the details in your situation, what furniture is made of......leather, upholstery, synthetic, natural blends......... Most impor5tant thing is to insure scratching post/area is available and welcomed. Is it furniture in a room that you spend a lot of time in, is it scratching you are avoiding, or any contact?
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I dont have any suggestions for you but I can say that mothballs STINK! They are people repelant too !!
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I wouldn't use moth balls. I'd be afraid they would get ahold of them somehow. Even the fumes aren't that good to be inhaling.


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Don't know if it works for cats, but my mom puts them throughout her gardens to keep the squirrels away and it seems to work
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