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Need those magic TCS vibes PLEASE

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Onyx/blackie didnt show up today He greets us every morning, and this morning my mom went out to give him more food and to give him some lovings, now he doesnt trust a lot of people at all, especially guys I have noticed...but hes not here We drove up and down the streets around here looking for him and yelling for him but no luck And I went and walked around with my treats in hand (thats how I got him to trust me before) My mom is very upset as am i Today was garbage day so maybe he is just hiding out for a little bit because the trucks are loud But it has been quiet all morning, and we havent seen him since

So please, can we have some of those magic TCS vibes that he comes back home!

I really hope no one took him to a shelter, because he needs mouth work done and he is still somewhat skinny and he wouldnt have a chance I want out baby to come home, even Bella is in the window looking for him, she was also mad at me last night because I changed my shirt that had his scent all over it So she wouldnt cuddle with her mother on her birthday, such a brat!

But please can we have some vibes...we are going crazy and now it has started to rain...I just hope our baby is alright
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Tons of that Blackie comes "home" soon!!
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Sending come home soon vibes Blackie's way.
Why not trying calling the shelter and see if by some chance someone did take him in?
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Originally Posted by Graciecat View Post
Sending come home soon vibes Blackie's way.
Why not trying calling the shelter and see if by some chance someone did take him in?
We are going to give that a try, but when Willie went missing and we called the shelters I mean we always got an answering service We were just lucky Willie had a microchip and unfortunatley this boy doesnt have one yet! So I am going to keep checking the sites though, because the one shelter does post when they get animals in and people can look to see if its their lost pet

I was actually going to call around for vet rates and such, and also call the clinic to get him nuetered next week sometime! (i have to wait for money to clear in the bank and everything, and well Saterday is a big pay day for me so to speak, so I wanted to wait just in case it would cost more than expected..that and I also have to take Bella too)

I am just soo worried, I havent seen him leave this area since he came thursday night! He sleeps right in front of our house by the car behind a tree! And when the suns out and we are out he comes and suns by us!
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I hope he comes home soon. You have vibes from us, too. See if you can call some local vets; someone might have brought him in to be checked out. Loads of good luck.
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Here's hoping that you get more than an answering machine when you call the shelter.

Since he's only been around since Thursday maybe the garbage trucks did scare him.
He might be hiding somewhere very close by, but he's just to scared to come out.
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I'm sending Blackie come home !
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Sending lots of vibes for Blackie's safe return home.
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Sending tons of vibes for Blackies safe and quick return
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Oooh no! I am sending many that he comes home safe and sound
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Onyx-Blackie, quit worrying your meowmmies Come home soon! Sending {{{prayers and vibes}}} that he returns quickly!
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Sending that he comes home soon!
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More "Blackie Come Home" Vibes Any news?
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