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Here are some updated pics of our kitten Skippyjon Jones. He is now (counts on fingers and toes) 13.5 weeks old. Here his is, in the fuzz:


His markings and expressions make him look worried all the time. Everyone always asks "whats wrong?" Meanwhile he's purring and drooling merrily.
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Awww, he is adorable!!
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He looks like a sweetie to me!!!
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Oh my Gosh!!! He is soooooo adorable!!! And look at those blue claws!! He has the sweetest face!! Those pics all belong in a frame!! Who is he with in the last pic?
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He's so sweet and fuzzy. I love worried grey kitties.
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Thanks for the kitten loves guys!

He is with his brother Pogue (Boog) in the last pic.
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He is such a handsome little guy!

Great pictures.
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Such a cutie! It really does look like he's worried, but it is so adorable!!!
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He's a cutie!
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