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Need Help......

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I adopted my kitten almost 1 yr. ago...Up until now, she has never drooled - today she is drooling ALOT. The whole side of her face is wet and right now she is laying behind me on the computer chair (which is soaked under her face)......I have wipe the wet spot up more than once, but it keeps happening.

Does anyone have an idea why this could be happening and should I take her to the vet?

Thanks in advance

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I would take her to the vet. That sounds excessive. A guess would be a dental problem or an ulcer (sore) in her mouth (something viral). My Beandip started drooling excessively one day (I mean puddles!) and I took him in and he had a virus. It was easily treatable but he was miserable for a day or two.

In some cats, some drooling is normal but that sounds extreme to me. Excessive drooling can dehydrate the kitty so I would call the vet now.
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Yes, please call your vet ASAP and get her in to be seen.
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I agree with the others, you should take her to the Vet ASAP.
Is there any chance that she's eaten something...like a plant...that maybe toxic?
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My Jordan had a drooling episode a couple years ago. At the time he had a fever of 105, and what I now know was a viral herpes flare up. It could be viral. As others have suggested it can also be a dental issue. Either way a vet trip is needed.
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I just to say thanks to all who responded.

The weird thing is that she stopped drooling.....

About 15 minutes after I posted my original question, my kitten was walking around and I heard her making noise...and her stomach was moving. She was heaving. I went to see what was wrong and she ran under my dining room table. She was still heaving....
By the time I got under the table, she was chewing something - I went in her mouth and there was nothing there (maybe she swallowed what she threw up?) Thing is....there wasn't a wet spot on the rug under my table, so I don't actually think she threw up - maybe something was stuck in her throat??????

Anyway, after this episode, she is not drooling....and she is not just laying around - she is playing, drinking her water, eating her food, and I even gave her some treats
I will keep a close eye on her for the next hour or so and see what happens......the minute she starts to drool again, I will call the vet.

Question: Do you think the drooling could have been from something that was stuck in her throat??

Again, thanks in advance
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They do drool before they trow up, but what you described sounded excess. I would keep a very close eye on her because if she ate something she wasn't supposed to it could be dangerous for her.
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She was fine the rest of the night......and most of today - then it started again. I immediately called the vet's office. The nurse there said it might be something with her teeth. I told her she wasn't crying though.....she said some cats have a high tolerance to pain.
Anyway, she gave me an appointment tomorrow afternoon, so I will post and let you all know what it was

Thanks again for all the replies......This is a great board and I am glad I found it
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Update after visit to vet:

Okay, she was still drooling a bit this morning...but wouldn't you know it - she was 100% fine at the vet.
The vet found nothing wrong in her mouth, her temperature was fine, and she did a whole exam.....NOTHING!!! I was soooooo happy

She said that nausea could cause drooling (remember I said she was heaving??) So she put her on Pepcid AC - for a couple of days to help with the nausea, AND some sweet smelling paste for her to eat - to help with hairballs (she said maybe a hairball was bothering her and thats why she could have been heaving, which led to the drooling)......

She said all is well, so I am very happy!!!!!

Thanks to everyone for responding and giving their input

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