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Ear mites

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Just seeing what the experience of members has been regarding ear mites and using RX flea medications.
For those of you who have consistently used these products, have any of kitties ever gotten ear mites? Are there any of you who believe that applying the product will kill ear mites already in residence as well as fleas?
I'm curious since I've seen some interesting stuff on this topic on the web.
Also-anyone here familiar with/tried off label use of ivermectin for ear mites?

And no, I don't have ear mites. I'm just curious.
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I think Revolution kills earmites which I am a big fan of. But usually I just use mineral oil, a drop once a day for a week or so and I swab them out and then the ear mites are gone.
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Milbemite is an incredible one time ear mite Rx treatment for kitties... It is the one Rx out of three that successfully treated Chief... Sorry, can't remember the names of the two that sucked.
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I've only had experience with earmites once. When we moved into our house, the dog who lived there before left a load of earmites as a housewarming gift to my boys. Our vet prescribed Revolution. We did two doses on each cat, and haven't seen an earmite since. (That was about three years ago.)
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I personally would recommend a vet visit. I don't recommend nor do I use over-the-counter medications as they are often ineffective and some are dangerous. As for home remedies, IMO unless you are experienced and know exactly what you are doing, I'd advise not doing it.
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