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Is this normal...baby question

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I picked Amber up at the sitters today and she said she wanted to show me something weird....she then opened Amber's mouth and showed me a little white bump clear on the left side in the middle of her gums. She had me run my finger across it and sure enough, it was a little tooth coming through. (she is only 4 months old) This woman is mother of 3 grown children and a grandma herself so I figure she knows what she is talking about, but I want to get some more opinions anyway since this is all so new to me and I really have no idea...it looked to me like the tooth was coming out in the middle of the gum, instead of at the bottom where I assumed I would see a tooth coming...is that normal? She said she thought it was okay and that it would come out at the bottom like normal....I hope so! But what she said she thought was weird was that most babies get their front teeth first and this she said is an eyetooth!!!! I don't have a clue so I thought I would ask those of you with kids if this is normal???? I sure hope nothing is wrong!!!!!!!
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I had a friend who's baby got both eye teeth first. Both on top! We called him a little vampire for months! I wish we had gotten a photo of it! All babies get what they get when they get them! My youngest would get blood blisters first them teeth...YUCK.

Merry Christmas!
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Normally, they cut the bottom front two teeth, and then the top two front teeth. But every baby is different! Don't worry too much about it, I am sure she'll be fine. If it makes you feel better put a call in to the doc ( for a phone consult) and I'm sure he'll tell you anything is normal when it comes to teething!!
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Thank you guys!!!! I feel better! I was kinda worried! So then is it also normal that the little tooth seems to be poking through the middle of the gum and not the bottom? (It's just barely poking through)The sitter seemed to think it would be okay, and that it will still come out down at the bottom...but I just have this fear of her having this deformed set of teeth coming out of her gums or something!
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The hard white bump is a milk tooth and not a real tooth at all. This is just a white bump that shows up on the gums as the tooth moves to the top of the gums. The little tooth is cutting it's way through those gums layer by layer and will show up in many ways. Just give her tons of extra attention and something cold to bite on to numb the pain. We used to use frozen hot dogs or popsicles! Some babies even like cold pickles. Of course you must watch her closely in case she swallows too big a piece!
Have a very happy holiday! Hugs
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Teresa!!! Thank you!!!!!! I feel so much better, I can stop worring now! I really appreciate your help, and yours too Daniela! You guys know so much more about this than I do, I have never had a baby before or even really been around them much!!! I may be asking more questions as I go along! THANKS!!!! *HUGS*
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Woops, I misread your post Debby!! I just glanced over it, and I thought it said she had an eye tooth that had already surfaced. I didn't read the part about it coming out in the middle of the gums. Its for sure a milk tooth...just like a swollen "duct" while the real tooth is pushing its way to the surface.

Have no fear, she'll be fine. Merry Christmas
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Thanks Daniela!!! I was just so surprised to see that little white hard bump coming right out of the middle of her gums and I envisioned the poor little thing having to be put under to surgically remove some weird tooth jutting out of her gum in the wrong place! I guess I am just a worry wart! I want her to be a normal healthy baby!
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For as many mums here there are probaby that many different milestone stories. Babies are unique,and so are their parents.
Juliana had 2 sets of baby teeth. Go figure the kid talks a mile a minute~

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There is no "normal" where babies are concerned. Richard got his top front teeth, first and walked at 9 mos. Mark got the bottom teeth and didn't walk, until 16 mos.

After having 3 younger brothers, my kid-raising technique was pretty slap-dash: feed one end, keep the other end clean and dry and, in the middle, equal amounts of hugs, kisses and swats on the butt. I taught them their ABCs and how to count. They grew up with pets and learned how to treat them well. They grew up, strong and healthy and no crazier than their mother!
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Your post really cracked me up! Hilarious!!!!!!
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Cindy, that was good!!! Thank you!
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Actually, raising the boys MAY have contributed to my current insanity!
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