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Rescued a Kitten!

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I have been away from the forum this year, I decided to take a year off fostering since we are crunched for space, my son moved back in temporarily and his old room was my kitten room. But, of course the Universe didnt want me to take a break I guess, as I was reading in my bed last friday night around midnight, I heard out the window what sounded like a baby kitten. My husband thought I was crazy, but I grabbed my flashlight and ran outside in my pajamas.I couldn't find it. I heard it again the next day, and my son Jack and I saw a tiny kitten run into my neighbors woodpile. I couldn't get her to come out so I left her food. I finally caught her Sunday, I got close enough and started making noises like a mother cat, and she came to me! I grabbed her and brought her home. I have her in "quarantine" in a bedroom, and have begun the spoiling. She is about 8 weeks and was starved,dirty and terrified. Who knows what had happened to her. She is very shy and will let me cuddle her if I go to her and pick her up, but she hides a lot. I dont want to bother her too much, I will post pics when she settles down. I am a bit rusty on my socialization skills,can someone remind me how long this might take, I odnt even want to take her to the vet till she is comfortable with me, it would scare her too much. She seems very healthy, is eating a ton, besides obviously needing to get tested and all that stuff. The shelter cant take her anytime soon, they are overflowing, so she is mine for now. I named her Sunday, since that was the day I caught her.
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Hi Again, glad to see you back on the Forums!!

You know, our stray and feral people here may have much, much better input than I, but I might be tempted to try a little faster-track to socialization with this little one than is normally suggested, mostly due to the young age of this kitten.

You could try just sitting quietly in the room, talking to her in a soothing, sing-songy kind of tone ... or you can try to engage her in play with a feather wand ... you could reward her with a treat of a little gently-warmed goat's milk ... the goal is, of course, to show her that she can be safe in your care in a lot of little ways. When they are that young, I think the process can go a little faster than with an older, more behaviorally-established cat.

I would try to touch her and hold her as frequently as she will allow without pressing the issue. Warm your hands before touching her or even better, have a little hand towel warmed in the dryer in your lap ... pick her up, place her on the warmed towel and then stroke her gently and lovingly. My bet is that she purrs quickly once she gets used to your touch.

Best of luck with this little sweetie. Please keep us updated on your progress.
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thanks Gaye, thats pretty much what I did l last night, I took my harry Potter book in there and read with her for hours. I took her from her hiding spot and held her and you are exactly right, she was fine! She purred and snuggled and then she got comfortable with me and started playing like a crazy kitten, with the little toys I bought her. She looks like she is putting on weight already, and she is looking clean and bright eyed. I dont know what to do with her, the shelter cant take her at all, and by the time they can, she won't be so tiny and you know the kittens get adopted faster. And by then she will be part of our household. In a way, tho, I feel that she was sent right to me, and we already have a bond. I have 4 cats already, although our oldest Charlie prefers the yard to the house. Do you think 5 is too many? I will definately get a pic of her today.
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