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Very Sad

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Cycling to work this morning I saw some people by the side of the road. A little cat had been run over by a car. There was a man kneeling down crying and the driver of the car was crying. I knew the car driver as he lives not far from me and he is a cat lover. Another lady had stopped to help too. The little cat was beyond help - the wheel of the car had gone over his head and nothing could be done but he was still breathing. He took his final breath about 2 minutes after I stopped.

The poor man was heartbroken - until he looked at the pads of the cat's paws. He said his cat had pink pads - this little one had grey pads. Then he noticed the little cat was not wearing a collar - he said his cat had a collar. At that point, the traffic cleared and I spotted a red collar in the middle of the road and gave it to the man. He said it was not his cat - but it was almost identical to his cat. We wrapped the little cat in a plastic bag and laid him on a patch of grass. The man who thought it was his cat went home briefly to wash the blood off his hands. He came back within a couple of minutes. His cat was sitting on the sofa fast asleep. For that man, it was a relief that his cat was OK but this was someone's cat - and they were going to be heartbroken.

At that point another man came up, looked at the cat and said "Oh, that's so-and-so's cat. " The man who thought it was his cat went off to break the sad news to the little cat's owner. This other man who was looking on said "Oh Good! It won't sh*t in my garden again!!!" - and he was LAUGHING as he said it

The three of us, Dave who'd ran over the cat, the other lady and myself just glared at this cretin. The cretin saw the look on our faces and then said "No I don't think it's so-and-so's cat" and ran after the other man (beat a hasty retreat I think). If he'd said one more word I would have hit him. How could anyone be so cruel and callous? I had to go to work after that but when I cycled up the same road on the way home this afternoon I noticed that the little cat had gone so they must have found his owner. Today, there is someone who is heartbroken but at least the little cat took his last breath on this earth surrounded by people who loved and cared.

Now something very strange happened this afternoon. When I came into my house and went into the living room, on the ceiling, from one side to the other was a rainbow on the ceiling. It was the sun catching a CD that my husband had left on the table reflecting on the ceiling. I've never seen that happen before and how uncanny that should happen today. I went upstairs a few minutes later and as I stepped into the hallway a little dark grey cat wound itself briefly round my legs and disappeared. I'm sure the little cat was saying "Thanks for caring" and letting me know he had gone to Rainbow Bridge.

Many years ago my Felix was killed in a similar accident. I'm sure Felix will be waiting at Rainbow bridge to play with this little cat.

Till we all meet again, play happily at Rainbow Bridge.
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Rest in Peace little one. Please send love to your heartbroken owners and let them know you'll be waiting for them at The Rainbow Bridge.
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How sad. RIP sweet one.
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Awww the poor little thing May the litte one RIP
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RIP little one. I'm sure the rainbow was a sign.
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RIP Sweet Angel Kitty
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That is so sad, but I am very glad that the little kitty was able to go to the Bridge was so many kind and loving people around him.

RIP little Kitty
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How sad.

May the little one RIP.
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Some people wouldn't know tact if it slapped them in the face!. What an insensitive thing to say

Have a wonderful time over at the bridge sweet kitty

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Rest in peace, little grey kitty and know that you were loved.

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That`s so sad.

Some people are so insensitive. I wouldn`t have been able to bite my tongue if I`d have been there. What a moron

That was spooky about the rainbow and the cat round you legs though!
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Poor baby.

RIP little one
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