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Jordan's latest blood tests

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Well I talked to the vet again last night. Jordan's latest blood tests look good. Of coarse no gaurntees he doesn't have cancer, but the pred has worked to bring his blood calcium down. He's at the top end of normal, but from what my vet considered very elevated this is a big improvement. The only thing that was high was his globulin (SP???) which is apparently a sign of a viral infection. Which makes perfect sense since he has a URI. So the vet feels that he has feline herpes, something I knew, and should be on L-Lysine for the rest of his life. I feel bad for him because he is currently on 4 different med each 2x a day, but the Clavamox is temporary. The vet wants him to stay at 10 mg of pred for another week and then we will retest his blood to see where his calcium is. If it gets low enough, then we can begin to drop the pred. He is starting to look better. He's not hiding, and he slept with me for a little while last night. I'm hoping that this URI clears up fairly soon. The vet said if he continues to have a problem we will have to put him on a differnt med. So for now we are on the upswing, I suspect that the roller coaster will continue, but I'm trying very hard to appreciate every day with him, and hope that they will soon be back to my naughty Jordan Noah.
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That is AMAZING news.... He will be back to his old self in no time...Big hugs to you and your sweet boy
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Awwwww that's great news

Ok he has to take meds for the rest of his life, but if it means he'll be ok then that's a small price to pay.

Well done Jordan Now go and be naughty for your mum
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That's great news!

FWIW, I'm pretty sure that Pumpkin and Leopold actually like the taste of the Lysine. I don't know about the others. It tastes a little salty. Pumpkin doesn't bat an eye at 500mg in about 2-3oz of wet food.
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I just wish he would ge over the URI. I saw some preety big improvement on Sunday & Monday, but now he seems to be maintaining. His nose is really running and he's just sort of listless. Please send lots of get better vibes, he sure could use them.
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Come on Jordan, get better for your mum sweetie
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I'm starting to think he's trying to give me an ulcer. This morning he wasn't sneezing, but he didn't really want to eat. I'm just praying that his blood calcium isn't spiking again.
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My cats came back from the vets when they were young with a URI...... I boiled some chicken for them and they were good in about 5 days. I boiled the whole chicken with the skin but just gave them the meat chopped very very small with some of the juice.

Im sorry Jordan is not feeling better yet but Im glad hes doing well otherwise.
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More get better for Jordan.
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Keep those vibes comming, he ate like a champ this morning. He's still not 100% Jordan, but looking and sounding much better. Of coarse like a big dummy I forgot to give him his Pred this morning. It's hard to remember 4 differnt meds 2x a day. Luckily only 2 more days of the Clavamox after today. I'm going to run home on lunch to give him his pred (and his stool softer which I also forgot but I'm not as worried about).
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Yay, Jordan you clever boy

More healthy, hearty appetite heading over to him
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