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Especially for Gaye

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The Thai Only Cat Show - Bangkok, July 21, 2007.

As promised Gaye, here are some pics of the real Thai Siamese and Korats... I wanted to take pics of the Khoo Manee's but I'd forgotten how to get rid of my flash!

So, the Siamese:

To be continued....
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The "Lucky" Cats of Thailand....There are actually 2 types of Korats shown here, CFA and the Thai bred - hazard a guess which is which?

Do you think she got out?

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Oh Oh Oh my, how utterly gorgeous!!!! Thank you SO much Adilah!!!

You know, I am so pleased to see the Thai Siamese ... it gladdens my heart to know that there are still cats out there who meet the original old standard AND that they are being shown - at least somewhere.

Thanks so much for doing this, Adilah. I have been "blue" here recently and this was such a nice pick-me-up!!!
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You're more than welcome Gaye - I've been promising you these pics since last year - and I'm glad I've kept my promise.

The only reason I was able to take pics of them in the 1st place was because they decided not to have the show on the same day as the CFA show!
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