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Catnip Video

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I just wanted to share this with everyone. Spike's Aunt Jamie (Luv Those Paws) got him the Catnip video for Christmas, and he was watching it tonight! I got a bunch of pictures of him watching it. And I have to say, I was guilty of watching him watch tv.

Isn't that adorable?! Spike wanted me to thank his Aunt Jamie for it.
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OMG!!!! That is so cute!!!!! What is the catnip video? That is such an adorable picture!!!!!!!
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Great pic, and it sure looks like Spike is enjoying his Christmas prezzie.
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Mine have a video called Fethers for Felines and they love it and I love watching them! I am glad he love his new video.
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OMG! I am so happy that he liked it. That is a great picture .

My girls haven't been too interested in it yet (I got them a copy for Christmas as well) but they have been too busy with their rabbit fur mice to pay attention to the TV.

Debby - Here is the website: Feel free to check it out. I got the DVD version of video catnip for the girls and Spike...basically it is a video full of birds and squirels and nature sounds. And as you can see with Spike it is quite adorable to watch the purrbabies watching it.
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Thank you for that link!!! I will have to go check it out! So are you Jennifer's sister? She said Spike's Aunt, so I was wondering.
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We have that, too, and the cats love it! Lilith and Pan keep trying to get into the TV from behind to get the birds
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Oooo...I need to get one of those videos! My cats (especially Tiki) will just go crazy over it!
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This thread being on the first page surprised me!

I have to put on the Catnip Video for Spike one of these days... I usually remember to put it on when I'm about to put a DVD in for myself.

And, since I just saw the question. Debby - Jamie (Luv Those Paws) is not my sister. We're just friends, but we're "aunts" to each other furbabies. I do have a sister though, and she just joined the forums. Her username here is Jillian.
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I wonder if my cats would react that well? It must've been cool to watch him!
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It's a lot of fun. Kinda weird to watch your cat watch tv though.
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I got my copy off of eBay, it was a little cheaper that way. And I also found out that the seller on eBay was actually the licensed distributor for Video Catnip, so the company that puts it out is not losing money! A win-win situation!
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Okay, now I know Im missing good cats stuff in Israel, but this is too much!!! what is this Catnip Video, and where to I get it when Im in the States (in less than 3 weeks actually!!)?
How much does it cost?

Im going to PetSmart to do some research!...
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Katie, the Catnip Video is a video or DVD for cats. It has footage of birds, chipmunks and squirrels. I wasn't so sure that Spike was going to actually watch it, but he did! And he does each time I put it in too. (At least so far! )

I don't remember ever seeing it at PetSmart or any other stores actually. (Although I haven't looked for it either. ) There is a website you can go to - I don't know if they ship to Israel though. If you're going to be in the states and will have any sort of address while you're here, you might be able to have it shipped to that address. Although, with dvd, you might end up with the wrong region. (I don't know what region DVDs are used in Israel, but we use region 1 for the most part in the US.) I believe the DVD is about $18 plus shipping, at least from that site.

Oh, I also found it on . It looks like they do ship to other countries, but, it's going to cost an extra $16 for shipping. Oi!
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Maybe I should have checked before posting? They do have Video Catnip in the VHS version on that website... I don't know if it's sold in the stores or not. But it's only $9.99 plus shipping through them.
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Jenn, thnk you so much for the detailed answer! I also went to PetSmart, and found it!...

i will wait until Im in Boston, and then I will buy the video. We do have Multi-zone dvd's here, but it doesn't ALWAYS work. So video is better.

Thanks again! Im wondering if my two spoiled brats would like it
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Ohh that is too cute!!!! I bet Fluffy would like this! She DOES watch tv by the way....
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I think I will try that video, anyone know where you can get it in canada stores?

Leo watches animal planet, and Roxy does too, but sometimes we even catch Leo watching people tv!
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The Feathers for Felines video is available in most pet stores in Canada as it is Canadian made. I know that local Pet Value and Petsmart carry it.
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My goodness!!! What cuteness!!!

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I saw this when looking for my kitties - only problem is if you have a laptop like me you have to lock the keyboard or kitty can mess it up. It is the first time I ever saw my kitten (11 weeks) open his mouth real wide like yawning - but he definitely was not.
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