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You Tube Debate...

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Did anyone watch it? If so how did your candidate do?

Here's my run down.

1. I think Obama did very well. He didn't get flustered and he answered the questions in a great way. Personally I loved the way he addressed his critics about him not being "black" enough.

2. I'm still not a fan of Hillary. The best question about that was the one about political dynasties.

3. Thank goodness that they were all forced to address No Child Left Behind. I'd love to see that law scrapped and for us to move on to something that works for school systems.

Anyone else?
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It was a good debate. I like Biden even though he doesn't have a chance. I especially liked him pointing out what a nutcase that guy that callled his gun his baby is! Obama has become better at debating. I wasn't impressed with him the last debate when he said that the viewpoints on declaring English as the main language were a non-issue and shouldn't be discussing it. They asked the same question of republicans and got VERY different responses. It obviously IS an issue!

The republican one should be interesting. The last one was. I wonder if Giuliani will keep his Bush cheerleader act up. I can't believe he thinks things are fine the way thy're going! Hello!
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i watched some of it this morning,

i liked some of what richardson said, but he still missed the clue bus on some things,

kucinich, hmm never mind, he is nut case.

dodd, hmm cant think of anything to say,
clinton is heading for the goldern flip flop award,
obama, comes accross to me like mr clinton to slick for his own good.
Edwards i think i went to sleep every time he got on to speak,
did he miss his flight back to his off shore company?

all them seem way to egar to be losers, in my thinking.
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