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ok Sharky........ She only gets liver once a week.....

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Heck yeah, call that vet to say I TOLD YOU SO! He/she should not be a vet, because to be a good vet you have to be passionate about animals, and that means going the extra mile for any and every animal.

SO glad to hear your little one is recovering!
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Here's today......... She looks better and better....... She has leveled off to about 12 oz off food daily.. Total turn around with this baby.

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Wow, she looks wonderful.
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AWW she looks like she is saying THANK YOU MOM
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You sure did do a good job, Jenn.
There's such a change from that first picture.
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What a difference, Jenn! Your perseverance has really paid off for this little girl.
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Wow, that's amazing. You are such a good meowmy. I can't believe the vet wouldn't try anything. He should not be a vet.
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Flower vomited this morning. I am not sure why. This is not hairball vomiting. We are going to keep an eye on her today and see if it was a one time thing.

She has a vet appointment in two weeks to get fixed.

When I put her in the crate to eat, she meowed and refused her food. When she came out she threw up a few mintues later...... There was no grass in it. It was a light brown liquid like cat food. I am hoping she ate hard food and it just disagreed with her.

We are keeping a close eye on her today.... She does not act like she feels bad at all.

Hopefully this is a one time thing.
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She is pigging out on some raw. The food she refused before her vomiting was Iams canned.

So basically this was what happened. She refused the Iams, she was uncrated, she vomited and now she is eating the raw ...

She looks fine.......

Something else I have just noticed about the particular can of Iams that I opened.. I put it down for the other cats. They have been eating on 3oz of Iams for 30 mintues. I am taking it up now. Maybe this can was bad.
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I'm sending lots of vibes that the vomiting was just a one time thing.

Bless her, she can't afford to get sick.
Maybe the can of Iams was bad and Flower was smart enough to realize it.
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She vomited one time....... But she still has a vet appointment a week from this friday..... IF SHE IS WELL, she will be fixed. If not, he can check her out. Princess Minny Pearl and Tulip are doing fine after surgery. Tonight Princess is running around the house. I kept her crated for a little over 24 hrs so she would not go outside in the enclosure until I could see that nothing is festering on her wound. She was so happy to get out and exercise. The first thing she did was sharpen her claws and stretch, so she must not be real real sore to stretch like she did. She mostly slept but she is fine now. Tulip was out the same afternoon he had surgery. He slept it off in the shower.. We moved him when we had to use it.

But as far as Flower, she has eaten good all day long according to Juan. He watched her close and she has not vomited again. No loose bowels. Everything appears normal. I don't know what caused it. She does not act sick at all. Thank god.... I think it was the kibbles. She does not like kibbles very much and possibly ate some and it just disagreed with her. She is very used to Iams canned and the raw.. The vomit was the color of the kibbles.... Approx 1 hr after vomiting, she gobbles up 6 oz of raw with no problem and no vomiting. Juan fed her only raw today...... She had a natural day. I put one extra capsule of salmon oil on it this morning..
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I'm very happy to hear that Flower didn't get sick again.
Sounds like it was just a one off thing, thank goodness.
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Flower is still going good. She has decided she does not like canned anymore. All she eats is RAW. I am putting extra taurine and salmon oil on each meal to make sure she gets enough. I have to go get her some more chicken today and make her some more food.

She begs for raw. She eats three 6oz meals a day and when it is time to eat, she sits and cries for food. When the other cats eat the kibbles, she stands to the side and looks at me like "now me ma"..... hehe

She is gaining weight and looks great..

I never thought she could look this good OR be on a raw diet. It has made such a difference. Her back bone and hips are no longer prominate. Her body is growing longer. In fact, she is bigger in every way. She is finally starting to look like a grown cat.

She still has a ways to go as far as gaining but she is definately heading in the right direction.

Here she is eating her breakfast this morning.
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Good work, Jenn.
Flower looks wonderful!
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That is wonderful news JEnn.
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She is looking good........... She has leveled off to two raw meals a day. One in the morning and one in the evening..... She will not touch kibbles or canned or even sauted fish. She wants nothing but raw.. But it seems to suit her. She looks beautiful and does not look like the same kitty... She has grown so much.

The raw diet is giving her something she needs. I put extra vitamens in it. Also extra taurine, salmon oil and bone meal. I need to get a meat grinder so I can grind her chicken bones up. I use muscle meat, liver and gizzards.. I cannot find chicken hearts anywhere around here. So her taurine is doubled. I want her little eyes healthy. But she appears to be doing good in every way. She is shiny, energetic and spoiled.

If I could afford it, I would feed them all raw....

And BEANDIP--> I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that raw recipe. You had a hand in saving her life. She is absolutely healthy now. I feel like the raw diet helped turn her around and has kept her healthy. I will never be able to feed her anything else. I make her a fresh batch every two weeks so it doesn't sit long in the freezer.
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She looks wonderful.
It's hard to believe that's the same skinny little kitty.
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Originally Posted by Graciecat View Post
She looks wonderful.
It's hard to believe that's the same skinny little kitty.
I know..... I think her raw diet had a lot to do with it. I really do.. She has had a major transformation. Her hair coat is thick and lush. She is a totally different little creature now.

She is well and of a normal weight... I am guessing that she weighs about 5 lbs now which is about right for her statute. She is still a tiny little cat but she has grown taller and longer. Sleek.....

I am very very pleased with her progress.
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WOW the progress ....

as for the hearts look for bravo brand they have organ only packages
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Wow! I just saw this post...guess I'm a little show. haha.

That was a very inspirational story Jenn. I can only hope I'd be strong enough to save my babies from the brink of death. That was awesome what you did for that cute little Flower. And you really should send him some pictures of your healthy LIVING girl. And send him a Thank You Note: Dear Doc, Thanks for NOTHIN'!

Yay FLOWER!!!!
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Yeah, I should probably telll him off but it would do no good. A thank you card might be appropriate however. Nothing snotty, but just a real card with her picture enclosed...

saying "muck you very much.......... appreciate all the melp.."


One more thing on Flower. I have noticed on the raw diet, SHE DOES NOT SHED AT ALL.. OR SO LITTLE I DON'T SEE IT.

Now off to read about hearts........
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Did you know I read the perfect daily diet for a regular sized cat is one live mice a day. Bones, organs and all...

Some people might think that is a cruel thought but everything they eat used to be a live animal...
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I have found one other item that flower likes....

old cheap 69 cent trash weenies.... good lord. Not even oscar meyer.

I was throwing bits out for a few to snack on while clearing the fridge out and she acted like it was raw meat. Dashing trying to get it before the other cats could sink into it.

Can't believe that she will eat that with such vigor and snub her little kittie nose at canned cat food......
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flower update.......

she is doing GREAT!!

I don't worry about her anymore. She probably weighs 6 lbs. maybe 7. But she is doing excellent and she is well. That is all I can say about her. She is super shiny and I have cut back her raw a little. I only give her one raw meal a day and so she HAS to eat kibbles once a day as well. She thinks I am mistreating her. But I want want to make sure she get everything she needs. So she is now and will remain a "combo-cat" .. I have started feeding Honey the same way. She is also a combo cat.....

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I am so proud of you and what you have done for Flowers!

I have just begun feeding one raw, who has IBD and he was down two lb ... she is incredible, though!

You got me crying at work.

Thnaks for posting your story -- it is inspiring!
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Flower looks amazing.
She looks like a whole different cat.
Bless her little heart.
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hi gracie...........

and 4meezers3kids all I can say is that I truely believe the raw diet changed Flowers life and GAVE her life... The raw turned her around. She thrives on it... I hope your little kitty does as well and it won't surprise me one bit if it helps your cat....

Keep me updated as I am a believer now. I also beginning to suspect all health problems in cats would lessen if fed a natural diet... You can't beat nature.....

The initial investment for all the proper vitamens and ingredients costs a little but it lasts quite a while... I spend under 10.00 every two weeks for her chicken, gizzards and liver. I make a two week supply at a time and freeze individual servings in zip lock baggies. I have started using a large ice cream scoop for a serving. I heap it..

I have thought about making just the liquid portion of the ingredients and put it down and see if they all drink it.... but instead of 2 cups of liquid, use a gallon or two to dilute it and put it down like a water bowl. It would be extremely healthy. I just havent' done it yet.

And she is a ball of fire too. She chases ball non spot. She feel so good now. It makes me feel good to watch her. Juan still thinks she looks like a little rat but I tell him she has finally grown petals and is a full fledged flower now... She does not enjoy being held but she walks on us all the time. She walks across our laps, our shoulders, and at night she walks on our bodies finding a comfortable spot to settle down on top of one of us to sleep. This illness has bonded her to us. Honey has started acting the same way. Something about feeding them raw has brought them closer to us....... It is wonderful!
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Am so glad to hear this.
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