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new pictures of the kitties

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It's been so long since I posted and all of the kittens have grown a lot bigger! Butch has gone to his new home already, and Jim and I also decided to keep Bigsby instead of Eris. Eris has a new home but I'm not sure when she will be leaving us (I wish we could keep both!! ;_

Anyway, here's a bunch(!!!) of pictures Lots of older ones too.

Baby Bigsby

Baby Eris!! The first one who learned how to eat big kitty foods.

Baby Butch!

Nyx feeding her babies. Actually I saw her feeding them last week... When they were already like 13 weeks old. Eek!

She is such a cute fluffball!

Almost twins, but not quite!


This picture cracks me up everytime.
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Eris loves Bigsby.

Eris and Bigsby, how they look now. I was hoping one of them would have blue eyes, but the yellowish eyes are cute too!

Eris, you two-timing cat!! Poor Bigsby!

Bigsby is on top. (you can see this is when we put them in the kitchen to train them to use the box... but Eris figured out how to get out of the barricade every single time, no matter what we did to prevent her!)


A winner is Eris!

Kitty pile!

Bruthas roll togetha

They like to play in boxes so I left one out for them.

And this picture was just too cute.

I hope you guys enjoy them. I know there are a lot of pictures!!!
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Oh my word look at those gorgeous fluff balls!!!

Awwww the tabby's look just like my Jack
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What cute babies!!!!
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those are some cute little babies!!! I love Eris's pink nose
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Awww, they're adorable!!!
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I love to see kitties play and snuggle it is so cute
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What wonderful photos! I just love that 'brothers roll' one .... too funny!!
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HOw cute!!!

I showed these to my daughter, she said regarding
the pic of the mother cat 'talking' to the youngster;
Mother cat to kitten " Do you want to be grounded for a week?"

(i wonder where she came up with that?)
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OMG, that last pic i'm in love with!!!! priceless!!!!
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They are all just adorable. But Bigsby...OMG!! I don't blame ya for wanting to keep him. I ams o in love with him.
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OMG those babies are beyond precious!!!
Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post

Awwww the tabby's look just like my Jack
I thought the same thing!
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They are all sweethearts I was a little sad when we had to give Butch away because he was the sweetest of them!! Whenever I was in the kitchen cooking, he'd sit on my feet And he'd sit by my chair whenever I was on the computer. Eris is just a little troublemaker! But she can be really cute when she wants to be Bigsby used to be scared of everything (sometimes he still is) despite being the biggest and fattest of the bunch O.o

Haha and that Nyx/Eris comment is so true They're always chasing each other around! Although I think it's a very funny sight to see little Eris chasing big momma around the apartment :P
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LOVIN THOSE FURBABIES OF YOURS!!! What sweet pictures.
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