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missing pregnant cat :(

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hey all my sister in laws cat has gone missing , she wentn out on saturday and she is still not back. Sister in law dosent seem take upset and thinks she has gone but am so upset , the thing is the cat is 5 weeks pregnant and am so worried she is losted and will never come back and end up giving birth in some ones garden or something , the poor thing it kills me inside to think of her all on her own , she is such a lovely cat. The other thing is that sister inlaw dont have any pics of her to put up posters and she dosent have any id on the cat, so if she dosent come back it will be very slim chance of finding her. I was up cryin last night thinkin about poor twinks in the rain. I went runnin down the road yesterday cause this cat looked just like her and when i got close she had a different coller on so it wasent her i was so sad. Any one know if there is any hope she will come back ?? she has been gone since saturday tc luv becks x
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Even if you don't have any pictures, you can still put up fliers, describing her.

Someone might have taken her inside... It's worth a try!!!
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thank u i will give it ago x
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Any update on Twinks???? Meanwhile, I'm adding my {{{{prayers and vibes}}}} that Twinks comes home soon. If she's preggers, she may be more likely to follow some children home & if it's raining, they maybe have her locked up. I prefer to think positive & that some cat-guardian angel is looking out for your precious Twinks. Hugs, Susan
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thanks for all yr kind words , well twinks turned up the early hours of this morning and sister in law said she looked ok but was stravin hungry bless her so glad she is back xx
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congratulations on another cat come home
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