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Man Arrested In Case Of Tortured Tortoise

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VENTURA, Calif. - An 18-year-old man is under arrest, accused of torturing an autistic boy's tortoise. Officials said Tony Mosqueda was booked into the Ventura County jail on charges of cruelty to animals and grand theft.

The 25-year-old African spurred tortoise, named Bob, was stolen from the yard of Dorothy and Bill Sullivan of Ventura on July 7, according to officials. The family said the pet was a special friend to their 6-year-old son. They said the boy rarely spoke to people but chattered to the animal.

The tortoise was found slashed and stabbed after being dumped in brush behind an apartment complex, officials said. Sgt. Jack Richards said witnesses to the torture of the 42-pound tortoise provided information that helped lead to the arrest.

"It wasn't until I got him loaded on the wagon to bring him home ... that I saw the blood," said Dorothy Sullivan.

Mosqueda's sister said her brother denies any involvement. She said he is a pet owner with two snakes, an iguana and a dog and he's never shown signs of cruelty to them.

An anonymous caller told the family where to find Bob. Police declined to discuss a motive, but Richards said it didn't appear the attacker wanted to eat Bob. The tortoise was being treated at Turtle Dreams, a Montecito rehabilitation center. The center's owner has said Bob's chances of recovery are good and that he is in stable condition.

I can't believe people are so sick.
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I'll move this to SOS
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Awwww, the poor tortoise..I hope he recovers

Yeah people are sick, thats for sure.
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I just dont get it......

I hope the poor thing recovers. And the poor 'lil boy that it belonged to. He is probly so upset!!!
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It's vitals (besides the brain) are protected by it's hard shell, a knife cant get through that. So that is why it survived, but still what a sick man. He shouldnt be allowed near his son!
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Ohh that poor tortie and kid
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I do not understand why people are so mean. The poor tortise and the little boy must be beside himself...Thankfully, sounds like Bob will make a complete recovery. I hope they nail the person responsible for this.
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OMG! That is one of the saddest stories I've read in a while.. That poor tortoise! And how could someone do that to a poor child? I can't believe how some people can be such monsters.
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