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Happy Gotcha DayS Bella

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So this time last year I was having severe pain, Willie was resident of my room and I should have been sleeping, but nope...I stayed awake until 8 am went to the dentist and then to work with my mom And its a funny story too, because it was street sweeping day so there was no where to we had to park all the way down the street...on the way to the car I hear meow and a cat rubbing up all over me, it was Bella So cute but so my mom knew it, I was attached already and so to neighbors doors we went And one lady said she seen her all week and had given her milk So we tried that day (the 24th) to get Bella in the car, but we couldnt


So my mom went back 2 days later (the 26th) with a bag of food and a carrier, and well she gave her food first..and Bella tore it next thing my mom knows, Bella is jumping in the car after the bag of food And it was that easy...

So u know people have a gotcha day/birthday for their kitties, Bella this spoiled brat gets 3 whole days of being spoiled rotten

She is the joy here, and a big mama's girl, has been since the first day I met her



Mama loves u

Now only if I could figure out what to get u besides food ...any ideas? She is a very picky cat who just wants to be with her mama 24/7 literally...I was outside yesterday with onyx/blackie...she found me and went in my moms window and kept meowing to tell me to get inside And when I sit out back she sits at the door when I am out..if I am not out then she could care less..such a mamas girl i know!
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Happy Gotcha Day Bella!

I think if you got her a variety of food, from the sounds of it she'd be happy!
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Happy Gotcha Day Bella!
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Awwwww that was lovely how you found each other

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run kitty run!!! freedom!!!!
oh its to late now.

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Happpppy Gotcha Day Dear Bella!!!!

Many Happy Returns!!!
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Happy gotcha Days Bella! You are one lucky girl!
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Well done- your meowy is so smitten she hasn't realized exactly who has captured who..
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Happy Gotcha Day!
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Happy got'cha day sweetie!!
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Happy Gotcha Day beautiful Bella!!
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Awww Happy Gotcha day!!
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