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One side of my cats whiskers have fallen off

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I have a 7 year old cat,indoor-overwieght-female-quiet natured....i have always suspected the cat has some kind of hidden health ailments,vets say there is nothing wrong when we get her shots.

She has Either allergies or something more severe. One eye gets puffy and red soreness every 6 months alomost like on schedule.

Anyways about a year or two we noticed the whiskers on one side have broken off. It looks kinda cute but of course there has to be a reason for it.
Any ideas???
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Before the recall and before I knew any better, my cat was on very low-quality dry food and tuna-this was her main diet and I always wondered why her whiskers were falling out.

Much research on this site, especially the food section, I now feed my cats a high-quality canned food found at a feed store which is canned only-they do not get any dry. I did try the high quality dry at first, but, I found out that dry food is for human convience only, cats don't eat dry food in the wild.

My cats whiskers are many now, not sparse like they were and she acts better.

ALSO, my cat was getting fat on the dry.

They eat an ounce 3x a day. So even tho the can cost more, one can lasts almost two days between two cats.

ALSO, I don't have to SCOOP their POO as often as I did with the quality canned food. When they were on the dry food their poo was large and they did it every day. I kind of thought this wasn't right since a cat's stomach is only the size of a QUARTER.
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Thanks for replying first of all

This cat of mine has been given humanquality tuna everyday for about six years. When we gave her Dry food,it has been been Purina indoor.

Perhaps its the tuna element
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I would guess the food is the problem. Even if it's not, it's certainly something that could be improved. First off, a cat needs to get tuna meant for cats if it is being given often. Human tuna does not have any of the nutrition she needs. Also, giving tuna every day is generally frowned upon due to worries about mercury and such.

The dry food... If you mean the Cat Chow Indoor, the first ingredient is corn, and there are dyes in it, if I remember correctly. If you meant Purina ONE, the first ingredient is probably by-products, which is still definitely NOT what you want to see at the top of the list. I'd definitely suggest looking into better food for your kitty. I bet it would do wonders for her.
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