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I have been a big history fan for years. My main focus seems to gravitate towards ancient history. I read a lot about ancient Greek, Roman and Egyptian culture and mythology.
I am a real fan of TLC and the History channels as well.

I also like Arthurian and European Biographies
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Originally Posted by theimp98
This is where people get lost in history, Gee, why does the date matter?
just so you know, the civil war was before ww1, and that rome was before that, etc. Dates dont matter.
I tend to agree with this. I don't worry so much about actual dates but rather I want to read and learn about specific events or cultures.
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Anyone want to hear a completely random fact I picked up from watching the History channel's series on the history of toielt plumbing???

Turns out the reason people call it the "crapper",is because the original inventor of our modern toilet system's last name was Crap. So the brand name of the first moder toilet's was "Crap".

That's where the term "sitting on the crapper" came from. If you were going to buy one of those nifty new toilets, you were buying a Crapper.

Not a very classy subject, but to this day (I watched this years ago) I still remember that everytime someone utters the word "crap".
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Wow, I didn't that was how the toilet came to be called that. i always thought it was for a different reason.
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I used to love history at my first senior school which was a convent. We used to learn about the stone ages and iron age, vikings etc.

Then I had to change schools and it was all the industrial revoloution

These days I love to research things for myself but something has to spark the interest in that particular thing. Like I watched Titanic and was down the library the next day taking out all their Titanic books.
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