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leopalorns size in the future/ plus gas issues.

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I'm woried about the gases they use to knock out cats with my Somali because I heard it coul be dangerous due to the breed senstiviety to the gas, I live in St paul MN, in highland village are there any vets in my area that use a SAFE gas? I really don't want an intact cat around, hes to young now,( because of this breed issue I'm waiting as long as I can so he gets as strong as possible before they make him sleep.) but will do it if it means Leopalorn isnt put to death by the surgery.

Note if it came to this first I would ask the breeder( he's in iowa) if they could take him and drop him off at my place nuetered, He said his vet has the right gas.. then only leave him intact if there was NO other way: I'm a firm belevier in reducing the cat popluation nod:

I heard also that this breed is slow to mature, How long does it take for them to reach full size? I heard 18 months? Is this true?
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Charlie was neutered at 3 months old by the breeder (who is a vet himself). I can ask them what he used when having him done at that age (he would have been about 4 lbs then). Will see them in August if you can wait that long.

I'm really surprised that your somali breeder did not already have him neutered before they handed him to you. I thought that was more of the norm.

You certainly do not want a intact male running around your house - he will spray eventually and that means caging him and I know you don't want to do that.

Who told you about him being sensitive? And it probably will be about 18 months as full grown. I was told (at the last show) that Charlie may take 18-24 months to be totally mature/filled out.

If this sensitivity is related to the somalis, it would also relate to the abys and I've never heard of anyone else having a problem. And Ocicats are part aby and its not a problem.
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It was something the breeder warned me about, Our breeder was the ONLY one close to us. There are NO somali breeders in MN! He is reputable though I question why he doesn't worm his cattery, He did ask if you want him neutered before you get him. I'm on a limited budget and at the time the kitens cost drove me away from the suragry. He reduced the pet cost when nothing was wrong with the kitten and now I want to make sure the gas is right. I might do it in sept or Oct. The kitten is 12 weeks now.
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I have also heard Somalis are sensitive to anesthesia. I had Veeshan spayed myself but I didn't know anything and her spay went fine. I don't know what kind the vets are suppose to use. I would ask the breeder also. Or maybe have your vet talk with the breeder?
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I forgot to add that Somalis take up to 18 months for size and up to 3 years for their full coat.
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WOW three years for the coat that amazing!

Also I got him a week early becaue I was due to go to camp the week I was to go to the breeder and take the kitten home. This means he has not had his final boster, When I took him to the vet, I stupidly forgot it in the fidge at home and we are too scared to hande the doseage for fear we might kill him.

Our vet said we can give his final boster along with the rabies shot at four months, Is this okay?
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He has been wormed, weighed and examined though.
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That should be fine - since he's not going outside. I know the barn kittens were given first shots when they were neutered/spayed and most times that was over 5-6 months old.
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I am still waiting to see pictures of this Somali baby
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I don't know about the gas thing - I've never heard that somalis are particularly sensitive - Mosi was neutered with no problems.

As to size - Mosi is 19 months and still growing. He's grown about 2.5 inches in height since he was 12 months old and it's only really in the past few months that his face has broadened and become more muscular so that he looks like an adult cat. When I was chatting to the owners of Mosi's dad and half brother at a cat show last autumn, he told me that they weren't fully grown til at 2-3 years old.
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Wow, Why is it that they take so long?

I've noticed Leopaorn's tail is becoming more fuffy.
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In reality I think most cats really take 2-3 yrs to be fully developed in body structure and muscle. At 1-2 years they look grown up but not really filled out - sorta in an adolesent stage.

Charlie will take about 2 yrs to develop his body/head. He looks grown up now (10 months) but will fill out more in the next year or so. We are working on developing his muscle tone now
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