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Pickles's Story

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This couple was giving away (no adoption fee) their 6 year old Snowshoe boy on a local for sale site. My favorite breed!! So I emailed her.
They have 4 kids (8, 6, 4 and 1 yr) who really got on Pickles's nerves. He has basically been hiding most of his they gave him away for free...he does love grown ups tho... He hates kids and had to live with them...poor boy.
The first few days he stayed close to our bedroom...then wandered out. He was affectionate from the beginning. None of the other kitties bothered him...they just watched and followed. I think the fact he is huge was a little intimidating for the others. Milo is 18 lbs...Pickle is heavier and bigger in size.
A month later and Pickles has his run of the house along with the other 4. He is very nervous of the kids playing outside. He demands attention (no kidding). He loves being brushed, petted, crinkles balls, and he loves can food. He is fitting in perfectly so far. He plays with Jake, Georgie & Milo.
He has the cutest meow on him, not quite a meow but a deep voice.
I think we gave him a great home with no one to bother him.
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What a great story!
Congrats on Pickles and the smooth transition and cat-integration!!

P.S. You'll have to post a pic of this new furry tank -- bigger than 18lbs?!!
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This shot is a recent shot:

Here's a shot of his big butt His first night with us. He had a red collar that was way too tight one...we cut it off him 2 days later.

Here's Milo & Pickles in the same shot but it's hard to compare sizes.
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Oh my!! He is a big ole' beauty!!!

Thanks for sharing his story.
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Aww, what a wonderful story. I'm glad he is in a much happier home now. He is one big handsome boy!
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I have never seen a "snowshoe" cat... what gorgeous coloring!!!!

he's beautiful... congrats on your new addition :-)
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I love that last pic. Pickles looks like he is giving Milo a snear.

Like man did you fluff?
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Pickles is so adorable! Aw, he doesn't look too "tank"! His furry hips look kinda trim . I love his coloring ...he looks so "professional" , like an orchestra conductor or FBI agent or high-powered lawyer or something!
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He's so beautiful. I'm glad you were able to rescue him from that nerve-wracking environment.
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Aw Pickles you are a handsome boy! And you have a great home...
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Well unfortunately his story ended yesterday around 4:30pm
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