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Well... speaking of movies.....what are your favorites?

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What are your favorite all-time movies???
Maybe we could limit it to 5-10 (for those, like myself, that are complete fanatics!). I thought it could be a little fun to see how everyone's taste may differ!

So name your favorites!!!!!

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wild hearts cant be broken

take the lead

save the last dance

because of winn dixie

homeward bound 1 and 2

shes the man


spirit : stallion of the cimmaron

step up

man on fire

garfield : the movie

and a bunch more
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fight club

to kill a mockingbird

life is beautiful

monty python and the holy grail

almost famous

v for vendetta

I'm sure I'm forgetting some.
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I don't know if I can pick just 10.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Anything and everything with The Duke.

Saving Private Ryan


The Shawshank Redemption



A Bridge Too Far

Transformers: The Movie (1986)

POTC movies (all three- loved them)

and a lot of others.
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Since you already mentioned one of my all-time favorites, here's my list:

Almost Famous
Chasing Amy
Legally Blonde 1 & 2 (such a good chick flick)
Igby Goes Down
Taladega Nights
I Heart Huckabees
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Home Alone 1 & 2
Old School
Boogie Nights
Party Monster
Meet the Parents & Meet the Fockers
The Wizard of Oz
The X-Men Trilogy
The LOTR Trilogy
Mean Girls
As Good as it Gets
The Royal Tenenbaums
What Dreams May Come
Ghostbusters 1 & 2

Yeah ok, I broke my limit to ten rule.....I really love movies, and a good portion of these I've seen so many times that I can actually quote and recite.
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Ooooh my favourites.... These are the movies I can watch over and over and over and over and... well you get the picture!

Lord of the Rings trilogy
All Pixar movies
Mary Poppins
Princess Bride

I've just finished watching the LOTR trilogy over the last week and just put Princess Bride in today. All these movies I can pop on, and go do something else and not have to actually sit down and watch, but still enjoy it since I know every line!
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I forgot Just like heaven. it's such a cute movie.
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Legends Of The Fall
Rear Window
Peter Pan
The Green Mile
Shawshank Redemption
Interview With The Vampire...even though I HATE Tom Cruise
Scrooge...the really old black and white one
Christmas Vacation
Field Of Dreams
The Lion King
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I am a total sucker for B-horror flicks and some of my favorite are

The Runestone
Split Second
Van helsing
Hellraiser 1 2 and 3
The Prophecy.
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Dirty Dancing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (my absolute favorite!!!!)
Steel Magnolias
Turner & Hootch
How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days
Beauty & the Beast
The Sound of Music
Office Space
Princess Diaries I & II
Harry Potter movies
LOTR (all of those movies)
Singing in the Rain
Roman Holiday
Sweet Home Alabama
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Meet the Fockers & Meet the Parents
Memoirs of a Geisha
Schindler's List
Saving Private Ryan
Forest Gump (I LOVE THAT ONE!!!!)
As Good As it Gets
XXX ( disel)

pretty much ANY movie on WWII- i am a huge war movie fan!!!
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I can't think of ten right now, but here's a few:

A Walk To Remember
John Tucker Must Die
Austin Powers (all of them )
50 First Dates
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The Shawshank Redemption


As Good As It Gets

Singing in the Rain

Westside Story

29th Street


Prisoner of 2nd Avenue.


Splendor in the Grass
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Originally Posted by StarryEyedTiGeR View Post
How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days
OoOoOooo I forgot that one!!!!! Love love love it!!!
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Fight Club (love, love, Brad Pitt & Edward Norton's superb acting)
Schindlers List (Quite moving, Steven Speilberg at his best)
Castaway (the incomparable Tom Hanks)
Forest Gump (ditto)
The Crying Game (different)
Westside Story (Leonard Bernstein is brilliant & the choreography is outstanding)
Jesus Christ Superstar (Art house movie, it was VERY popular in it's day)
It's A Wonderful Life (Smarmy but Jimmy Stewart & Frank Capra are the BEST at it)
The Shining (Jack Nicholson at his evil best)
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Godfather I and II
Schindler's List
Ladder 49
LOTR trilogy
The Departed
The Notebook
Shawshank Redemption
The Green Mile
Silence of the Lambs
American Beauty
Hotel Rwanda
The Passion of the Christ

All 5 star movies IMO ...all I can think of right now
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In no particular order, subject to change on a daily basis, and boy was it hard to winnow it down from the 150 movies I wanted to list...

That Thing You Do

Close Encounters

As Good As It Gets

Cast Away

Field of Dreams


The Big Chill

The Music Man

Toy Story


(Does anyone else remember Barbarosa? Willie Nelson, Gary Busey, 1982. A perfect little gem of a movie.)
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The Great Race
Rear Window
Real Genius
Guys & Dolls
The Libertine
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hmm..this is going to be so tough

Dirty Dancing (one of my all time favs, great great movie)
4 brothers-mark whalberg is just o so yummy
Goodfellas- hehe I love all mafia type movies
True Romance
The Notebook
All of the POTC - Johnny Depp is just too yummy
ok...well all johnny depp movies, I watch all the time
Gang of Roses
SLC punk

umm..I have so many running through my head right now so hard to choose so I will just leave that as my list
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My turn

I like so many I can't list them all. No particular order.

1) Any war movie. Loved Shooter.
2) Any Wesley Snipes movie.
3) Unleashed (I should just say any Li Lian Je [Jet Li] movie.)
4) American History X
5) Heat (Robert De Niro and Al Pacino in the same movie holy sh*t thats awesome)
6) Blood Diamond
7) Conspiracy Theory (Mel Gibson is such a crack up)
8) Shawshank Redemption.
9) All the Hannibal Lecter movies (especially Hannibal Rising)
10) Liberty Stands Still (another Snipes movie but it was damn interesting)

Ha thats just western movies wait until I get started on Japanese movies.
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Ooh I like this one. Here goes in no particular order:

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
LOTR trilogy
Terminator 2 (1st one up there as well)
So I Married an Axe Murderer
Dirty Dancing (could never leave this one off!)
Batman Begins
Shawshank Redemption
Gone With the Wind
Metallica:Some Kind of Monster
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Petes Dragon (my ALLTIME FAV MOVIE)
The Lion The Witch & The Wardrobe (the 2005 version)
most Disney movies
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmeron
Sound of music
7 brides for 7 brothers
The Small One
High School musical (I can't wait until #2 comes out in August)
because of winn dixie (it is also one of my fave books)
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post


My other favorite movie is Kate and Leopald!
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Deep Impact
Tommy Boy
Corpse Bride
Sweet Home Alabama
The Crow
V for Vendetta
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

and many, many, many more... those were just the first few I could think of!
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The Never Ending Story
The Dark Crystal
The Lord of the Rings
The X-Men
Gone With the Wind
The Lion King
The Little Mermaid
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Almost Famous, A Man Apart, American Beauty, American History X, A Time to Kill, Blow, Boiler Room, The Boondock Saints, Crank, Crash, The Crow, Crazy Beautiful, Dazed and Confused, Dead Presidents, The Departed, The Devil's Rejects, Driven, Empire, Empire Records, Face Off, Fear, Fear N Loathing in Las Vegas, Foxfire, Gone in 60 Seconds, The Green Mile, Hackers, Half Baked, House of 1000 Corpses, Kids, Kill Bill I, Kill Bill II, Knockaround Guys, Mad Love, Man on Fire, Napoleon Dynamite, Office Space, Old School, Pulp Ficton, Requiem for a Dream, Riding in Cars with Boys, Saw I, Saw II, Saw III, Sweet Home Alabama, Transporter I, Transporter II, Up In Smoke, Virgin Suicides, etc..............
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You just jogged my memory...I have to add three to my list.
Crazy Beautiful, The Virgin Suicides and the one I can't believe I forgot Empire Records...I love that movie and the soundtrack!
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Gone With the Wind
Shawshank Redemption
The Bridge over the River Kwai
The Green Mile
Dances With Wolves
Mary Poppins
The Wizard of Oz
Far from home:Adventures of the yellow dog

And probably some others I can't think of
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I can't believe I forgot Office comedy ever!
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I really have to stop reading this thread, I just remembered two more that I can't believe I forgot
Rudy and Radio.
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