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Head Butts? (sp...)

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So I was just wondering if head butts are a form of comfort for a cat? Because not only does Sherman press his forehead into my hand when I pet him, but when I'm sitting down he gets on my chest and presses his head against my head. Sometimes he rubs his cheek on mine. It's very very cute (he's purring while he does this). Does anyone else's cat do this? Or in general show this much interest in your face?
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My cat does this - she butts her head against my hand if I stop petting her. Its her way of saying "I'm not done with you yet!"
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Oh yes! That's a sign of greeting and love and affection towards you. Love it up!!!
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It's definitely a form of affection. My Milo is really good at giving hard ones that feel like I'm about to get a fat lip or nose bleed. He gave me a good one this morning which woke me right up....their dish was empty of course.
Sometimes I think it's a bossy thing too.
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Yep - I've gotten some good head butts from my kitties in the past Give you a headache sometimes they hit you so hard
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My cat Popsie is a born head butter. Most of the time I'll pet him and stop and the he rubs his head all over me. I think it's his way petting too.
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My guy will usually come to the door when I leave the house, I shake the keys and say "Come give Mama a hug" and he headbutts my leg and drops himself on my feet... he's a notorious head-butter, especially at my legs when he wants attention.. I bruise very easily and there's a spot when he hits just right that it kind of hurts a little... but I love it...
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yes, my Oreo is starting to do that! but when I scratch her ears, she is pushing so hard against my hand I almost can't move my fingers! I take it that she likes what I am doing, and she will get up into my face when I am sleeping to sniff me or rub her face (or tongue!) against my cheek! It sure makes me feel good!
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I love headbutts! One of my mother's cats doesn't like being petted but she loves rubbing heads with us. It's very sweet.
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Head butts are the greatest, aren't they!!

Merlynn loves to headbutt me right in the face. In the morning, after my alarm goes off she gets in my face and head butts me and licks my nose until I assure her that she will get her breakfast monetarily.

Piccolino doesn't like your face anywhere near him. It took me 6 months to get him to let me kiss him on his back. hahaha. But he loves to head by anything else like a pillow or the couch or your hand or leg when you brush him.

And each time I come home, I run to the bedroom and jump on the bed and say, "Hello, hello, I'm home."

Piccolino jumps on the bed and waits for back scritches while Merlynn jumps on and looks at me. As soon as I say, "Besitos," (that means kisses) she runs over and gives me cute little head butts in my face. I LOVE IT!!

It's the greatest kitty gift in the world. Enjoy it.
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Oh, yeah. Head Butts really are Kitty Kisses. You don't get head butts until you're "special people". Consider it a compliment.
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In the cat world this is a complete sign of acceptance and comfort, they are actually rubbing their scent on you when they rub their cheeks/whiskers and chin against things. When cats do it with each other, it is "your mine, I'm yours, love ya", when they do it with us it is "your mine, love ya!".
Maia is not a head butter, but my Pandi use to butt her head so hard sometimes, I felt like a mountain goat!
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Carly gives the best head butts. Sometimes, she will just lean her forehead into my forehead and just stand there a minute purring.
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I always tease Serena (my princess) that she must be French because I'll say "Kisses!", so she'll lick my lips, then rub her face on either side of my mouth, then she gives me a headbutt on the forehead! Cats do that as a sign of affection and love (at least that's what I believe )
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