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Cat peeing on couch

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I'm having a problem with my cat and would like some advice before I give up and try to find a new home for her.

She is 4 years old. A few times over the last couple of years she has pee'd on furniture, the floor, etc... Each time I took her in to the vet and a UTI or some other infection was diagnosed, antibiotics given, problem went away.

Recently my cat started peeing on my couch... she is still using the litter box, too, but she is peeing on the couch. No other furniture, no floors - just the couch. This started a couple of weeks ago after I got back from being in Texas for a week. She was not without attention while I was gone - the boyfriend came over and took care of her. The few weeks prior to going to Texas I had gotten in the habit of spending almost every evening at the boyfriend's house, so I wasn't home much, then I was gone for a week, and since I've been back I haven't been home much.

I suspected that it was behavioral, but I took her into the vet anyway. She is healthy - they found a tiny bit of bacteria in her urine, but no crystals - they put her on a short antibiotic run to keep it from getting worse, but she didn't actually have an infection.

Also, a little over a week ago I got rid of the couch I had, thinking that if she couldn't smell herself on it then she wouldn't pee there anymore. I got a new (used) couch and only had it for a couple of days before she started being on it as well. And I'm not sure the smell is the reason because if I leave the cushions off of the couch she ignores them and still pees on the bottom liner bit of the couch (the material between the springs and where the cushions sit). The cushions can be sitting right next to the couch and she won't pee on them even though I know the scent is there because I can smell it - she always goes back to the same two spots on the couch.

So I've ruled out medical issues, I've ruled out that it is strictly because she smells herself there, I've changed furniture and the last few days I've been trying to spend more time at my house, and I'll be damned if she didn't pee on the couch twice this past weekend WHILE I WAS HOME!

As for litter box habits, I scoop it every few days and completely change the litter every couple of weeks. And before you say "That's not often enough" please keep in mind that its the same pattern I've had for the 4 years I've owned her and this has only been a problem for the last few weeks, so it seems that the litter box is staying clean enough.

I've been looking into Dumb Cat to clean the couch to get rid of the odor - it gets great reviews. I've also been looking into Feliway Comfort Zone plug-ins, to see if it will help with the separation anxiety issues. But neither of these products is cheap - anyone have experience with them?

Please Help?! Suggestions, advice, experience, whatever... If I can't figure out a way to make her stop then I will get rid of her, as much as I hate to do it, because I can't keep replacing furniture like this, or constantly have my house all torn apart trying to keep her away from things.
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i'm not familiar with the Dumb Cat, but the Feliway is good stuff - i use it.
i also recommend the Cat Attract litter or the additive - it really works. call around to your local pet stores to see if you can find it there. if not, sells both the litter & the additive. if you have to resort to online, i'd say get the additive - it weighs much less.
BTW, the literature with the Cat Attract says not to use it with other litters other than their brand - but i've been using it in mine, with Tidy Cats Crystal blend, & it's working just fine.
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