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My two cats are just about 15-months old and I recently brought them to their vet for thier annual check-up and booster vaccinations. Since they are both strictly indoor cats and have no contact with other animals I wondered if I even needed to have them receive these vaccinations. I was informed that rabbies is required by my state and it was suggested that they minimally receive thier distemper. Well, my female cat who is only 8.5lbs, had a horrible reaction. Vomitting for 24-hours, couldn't sit still, inching, it was horrible. Anyway, next year I don't want to have this happen again. What are others opinions on needing to vaccinate when your cat is strictly indoors?

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I vaccinate once or twice and that's it. I think it is highly unnecessary to revaccinate every single year. It makes no sense to me to give the same vaccine continously. At least have your vet do a titre to see if revaccinating is even necessary. Or if anything, do the three year vaccine. But for a strictly indoor cat...I think it is extremely unnecessary and even dangerous to vaccinate any living thing every single year.
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If she's strictly indoors I would suggest vaccinations every 3 years. Indoor cats somehow get out occassionaly, I would hate to think something may happen if they had no vaccinations.
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