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The West Wing

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Is anyone a fan of this show? I've just decided to watch it, from the start. Our local movie store has this great membership deal where you pay $20 a month and can rent as many movies as you want (2 at a time, "1 day rental new releases not included), and they have a GREAT tv section.

I never watched the West Wing when it was on originally, but I've caught the odd episode in rerun here and there and I like the pace and dialogue. I'm hoping I'll enjoy it from start to finish and it'll keep me with "new" tv to watch until Grey's Anatomy comes back (assuming I've come to terms with my mixed feelings over the whole Washington/Burke fiasco....but that's a whole other story).

Any reviews from those of you who watched the West Wing before? What season did you think was best? But please, NO SPOILERS!!! LOL
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I'm so bad when it comes to those popular TV series ...I haven't seen West Wing, Sex & the City, 24, ER, Scrubs, Friends, and so many more ...

Getting the DVD rental sounds like a good idea though -- you get to skip all those commercials and then have a "marathon" session if you feel like it!
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Originally Posted by whiskerynature View Post

Getting the DVD rental sounds like a good idea though -- you get to skip all those commercials and then have a "marathon" session if you feel like it!

Hahaha exactly!!!!

I always wait for shows I love to go into syndication on cable channels, that way they play 1-3 episodes in chronilogical order in a day.

In a few months, you've seen every season in the series!!

I hate having to wait in between episodes....although I do, of course, with my favorite shows!
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I use to watch this series quite often for the first few seasons. However I found around the 4th season I started to loose interest.

I still catch earlier episodes of it occasionally when I am channel surfing.

I have always been a big Martin Sheen fan and have like him ever since I saw him with Linda Blair in a movie called Sweet Hostage released back in the early 80's.
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I always liked the show the writing was very good and the dialoge was sharp.
Not too many shows like that, Also a short lived show from last season-Studio on the sunsetstrip was by the same creator of the west wing and you could tell that-but the rating sadly were low.
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Ah, you have chosen well! I'm sure you'll enjoy it... I don't think there's ever been a better drama on TV, bar none. And it's great to have it on DVD, so you can go back and listen again sometimes, to savor that extraordinary writing!

I can't choose a favorite season. The show did change over time, shifting its focus in ways that always worried me at first -- is it going to be as good when Martin Sheen is no longer in every episode? What will happen when Rob Lowe leaves the cast? How will things change when Alan Alda becomes a major character and suddenly we're living in the enemy camp?

But every single time, they pulled it off. It never lost its appeal for me, never stopped surprising me, and best of all, never stopped making me think. You're going to really enjoy this!
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